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Names {{a repost}}

Today is my last day of holidays and I spent it being very, very lazy!  
I even *almost* napped this afternoon, and that NEVER happens! haha

I hate going a day without posting, so I thought it would be fun to pull out a guest post.
This is one I did for Katie over at Punkin' Heads & Dooda Loo's a few months ago.
It's explains how we came up with our kids names, and for all the new followers {hi!!}, I thought it would be a fun one to share again!

{If you've already read this one... sorry!
But as a consolation, I have a little treat scheduled on the blog for tomorrow!}


Of all the the things I've done as a parent... naming my kids seems to be what I am most famous for.
At least, around the little town I live in!  ;)

You see, I live in a small farming community in Quebec, Canada (and if you're wondering... I am fluently bilingual!  Bonjour!), and although there are naming trends that come & go and people aren't exactly shying away from giving their kids 'unique' names, I seemed to have a picked a couple of names that have been well received by friends, family & strangers! 

My son Memphis was named in honor of Elvis... or more specifically, ''Rock 'n Roll.''  My husband threw it out there before I was even pregnant, and even though I LOVED it, I still went ahead and bought a ton of baby name books and searched online for hours & hours... until I realized that nothing compared to Memphis... it was different, withouth being weird, meant something to us and flowed well with the middle name I had already chosen (Mitchell).  It was perfect.  It's also a lot of fun seeing people's reaction to his name.  And he loves when he hears his name in a song (and there are quite a few about Memphis!)... I think he already knows that his name is special... and that makes me really happy!

Ruby, on the other hand, is a name we've loved for a really long time.  Early on in our relationship, baby names came up, we agreed we both loved the name and if we were ever blessed with a little girl, it woud be a shoe in!  Except by the time we were expecting her, we had grown tired of it... well, not 'tired' but I think the novelty had worn off since we'd only ever talked that THAT name forever.  So, we started a new list.  Winter was a top contender, as were Ramona, Madden and a few others...

The day we found out we were having a girl, we literally just looked at each other and said ''Ruby!''  It just felt soooo right.  We paired it with Ramona... a tribute to our favorite punk band, The Ramones.

Ruby is such a sweet name.  I think it's ''cutesy'' enough for a baby, but ages well.  Ruby is a classic.  It's not nearly as uncommon as Memphis' name, but so far she's the only Ruby in town!  I'm happy she won't be referred to as ''Ruby L.'' throughout her school years.  I was always the only ''Lena,'' but my sister was one of, at least, half a dozen Amandas... I just didn't want that for my kid. 

All in all, I am really happy with the names we chose for our children.  I sometimes wish I could have more babies so I could give them fun & interesting names too... but for now I'm content helping Ruby pick out names for her baby dolls (if she had her way they'd all be called Pretty Princess Unicorn or something like that!).

I'd love for you to share your naming stories!  I could talk baby names all day long!

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  1. Great post! My oldest is Moira Jane. Of course, the Texan half of the family (hubs side) had never heard the name "Moira", nor could they even pronounce it. MOY-RA. Simple. Just like it looks. But she's still called "Maura" and "Moriah" 7.5 years later. The Canadian half of the family (my side) - particularly my mom's Scottish side - knew the name and can even pronounce it! Before settling on "Sarah" for me, my mom liked the name Moira. Jane is a family thing - on my mom's side, there's at least one person in each generation going way back with "Jane" as a first or middle name.

    My younger daughter (5) is Peyton Elisabeth. Yep...first name is not gender specific, so no matter how much pink she's wearing, we still have nurses refer to her as "he" or "him" even when they are talking about her and looking right at her. That's been the down side of her first name. We chose it because we liked it. Elizabeth is a family thing. But I am anti-"z", so it's EliSabeth. I also find it funny that it's kinda like she's named after the Mannings of football fame - Peyton and Eli....but that isn't why we chose her name. She's special needs/medically fragile and is in homebound schooling. Under regular circumstances, I'm sure she'd be "Peyton F" as there are a few Peytons around that age.

    I was "Sarah H" for years in elementary school. Ugh.

  2. Love this post! "Walking in Memphis" is one of my all time favorite songs (-: And Ruby is one of the best little girl's names. Just so pretty.

  3. Love the post :)

    We named our son "Ehren Brye".
    Éirinn go brách = Ireland for Ever.
    We wanted something Irish for my family, and used the German spelling for Erin/Aaron. "Ehren" also means honour.
    We also made the "Brye" easy to write/say, although people write and pronounce it Brie/Bree.

    Our daughter is "Freedom Reilly"
    I wanted a flowery-hippie style name. My husband fell in love with it while watching Dharma and Greg with me (while I was pregnant). He likes it because it is patriotic.
    Middle name Reilly (the REAL Irish version, which is the man's name). I wanted an Irish-y middle name, but nothing I liked seem to flow. I used the male spelling since all the little boys are being named it, but female spellings are being used.

    Other options:
    Jade Ibanez
    Nico Chevelle
    Augustus Phinn or Phinneaus Augustus.

  4. Love those names!!! My nana's name is Ruby! :) I don't have kids yet... but my name is Kassi. Which isn't all that unique for the time I was born, but it's spelled in a unique way. I was the only Kassi in my small town and still the only Kassi I know personally... haha. :)

  5. love your names! my soon-to be daughter's name is going to be Harlow Paige. Harlow because i love old hollywood-- like jean harlow. paige because hubs and mother in law just loved it. i loooove ruby! we almost chose lucy blue for harlow, but lucy is becoming too trendy with kids and dogs i've noticed! if she were a boy, it would have been easton bradely.


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