Monday, January 23, 2012

My Ink

I am ''tattooed''
(not nearly as much as I'd like to be, but... that's another story!)
And if you're curious about MY ink,
please visit the lovely Sweta & her blog where I was featured recently!

(don't forget to check out Christy's super sweet gest post happening here today too!)
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  1. love them!! i have a string of birds up my arm that i got about a year and a half ago... kind of my "I work in a corporate environment and can't have a sleeve" compromise ;)

  2. The shoes! I'm dying over the shoes!! And I'm gonna check out your ink. I want another. I have one.

  3. Love your tattoos.. I have 5 and I'm trying to convince my hubby to let me get more (he makes the money haha)

  4. the few... the proud!

    or at least it used to be that way :)

    I'm crushing on your shoes in this post hardcore.



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