Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music Linkup Party {1979}

Linking up for the first time for a super cool music linkup party over at Row House 14.

Row House 14 Music Linkup Party

 This week the prompt is THE YEAR YOU WERE BORN.
I quickly Googled "top hits 1979" {eesh! yes, I'm THAT old!} and came up with this list...

Whoa... 1979 was a good year!
Of all the  oldies I could've picked...
I went with Da Ya Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart!

Because my mom likes to tell me that she used to dance around the house to that song...
HUGELY pregnant at the time {with me}!
It's a cute story.
I can totally picture my mom, 22 years young dancing around, rubbing her belly and trying to make my dad laugh!

Also, Rod Stewart is kinda awesome!

it came back in the 90's with N-Trance... lol
{flashback to high school dances! yikes!}

Are you linking up?

don't forget anout the V Day Giveaway happening right now!
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  1. Fun post! I found you at the link party! I'm the year after new. Think new wave LOL!

  2. Aw, I haven't heard this one in AGES. Thanks! :D

  3. I LOVE this song! It's just one of those fun, silly songs. Thanks so much for joining the linkup party-- I hope you can participate next week as well! :)

  4. i love this post! what a lovely image, your young pregnant mum dancing around. so cute.


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