Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Confession

I've got a little confession to make.
My hubby is a bit of a rocker... I'd like to think  I am too, BUT I'm totally useless when it comes to music!
I can appreciate a good tune... but I cannot sing to save my life and my body just isn't coordinated enough to play an instrument.  Whomp whomp. :(

My dream instrument would be the drums.
I think girl drummers are super cool.
How in the world would I get all 4 limbs to do something different at the same time!?  Ain't happening...

There is one instrument, though.
One I'd LOVE to master.
One I think would be super cool to whip out a party & surprise everyone one with.

The harmonica.


It looks so easy {probably isn't!}
and sounds awesome!

These guys make it look cool too!



So, I may {or may not}
pick up a harmonica and try to teach myself something simple...

p.s. I also love the ukulele... so if I got my hubby one of those... we could 
totally do something like this!  haha

{I think looking & sounding a little dorky is part of the charm!}

Is there an instrument you want to learn?
Something you play that someone would be surprised to know?
{I actually work with a really cool chick who can play the accordion! love it!}

Happy Monday!

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  1. you should totally do it! :) dorky or not lol
    I've always wanted to learn guitar. I even bought one two years ago and took lessons for about 6months. I figured since I was a music major in high school I should be able to figure it out no problem.... not so much, I'll stick to piano! .... that's not true, I still want to learn one day, I think I need to find me a man with patience and some mad skills :)

  2. I had to make a choice to back away from the instruments, I am way to I used to play the piano...loved it, wish I still could. 4 years of lessons and I can't play anything. I would go back to that, and maybe I will someday :)

  3. I am tone deaf, so I definitely can't sing and I have never really picked anything up. I played piano when I was younger but that's about it. I would love to know how to play the guitar, but that's wishful thinking.

    Ryan can play the harmonica...he has a couple. Lol! :)

  4. Love it - you know you're going to need to do a vlog when you get the harmonica tune down:)

    I can sing:) {in the shower, in the car...I'm a pretty darn good back up singer too!}

  5. I can relate with you! I tried and tried to play the drums but given that I can't walk and chew gum...yeah kinda a problem.

  6. Hahaha I think they're both SO cool! I love the ukelele. Maybe part of why I like it so much is the spelling? lol

  7. yeah, that seems like a pretty tough one too.. right up there with the drums! lolol

  8. Do it! My Nana plays the harmonica and it's AWESOME! I played the clarinet in band until the tenth grade!


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