Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Mommy's Journey

This is just a little peak into my thoughts on being a mommy. Enjoy!

Things I’ve done as a mother….

I've had to Google "what to do if your kid eats dog poop" (true story)

I've had to pull over on the side of the road, climb into the back seat and nurse my hungry baby

I've watched entirely too many episodes of Dora the Explorer, The Wiggles & SpongeBob SquarePants (actually, I really enjoy SpongeBob & having kids has given me a really good excuse to watch it more! Ha!)

I've sat up all night with a sick kid and have actually told them to just throw up on me as a last resort to keep the mess contained (sorry, sometimes parenthood is gross!)

I've been known to lock myself in the bathroom {or gone into a walk-in closet} to make (or take) an important call

I've had to throw out a perfectly good tube of lipstick because my daughter got into it & most of it ended up on the bathroom walls

As a mother, I've also experienced…

A never-ending supply of hugs & kisses

A cluttered fridge full of pictures & drawings & random creations I'll treasure forever

Total 100% unconditional love

Uncontrollable laughter & giggles

A refreshing take on life.
Through the eyes of a child, everything is so magical & new to them and it reminds you that nothing is to be taken for granted

You see, I can without a doubt, say that parenthood has been a wild ride!

It hasn't always been easy, but becoming a Mommy has been the absolute best thing EVER. I wouldn't trade in a single moment (actually, I'd take back all the times they were sick or not feeling well… those moments still break my heart every.single.time).  I think, as mothers, we can agree that no matter how hard, or strange, it gets... we wouldn't have it any other way!

I'm sure my little munchkins we'll bring me on many more mommy-adventures and I'm ready!
Bring it on!

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  1. great list...and that dog poop story I am SURE is a good one...whoa.

    what a good attitude you have about the new year and're right it's crazy but so worthwhile!

  2. I love this! Thanks for linking up! As a step-mother I can relate to some of these - and looking forward to being a Mom to my own sometime in the future!


  3. especially the throwing up and the eating poop....gotta love ourt kiddoes!

  4. haha... what a cute post! There are so many unexpected surprises for mothers. But, it's totally worth it! :) Your blog is truly lovely.

  5. Oh boy, if we are going to be gross, how about checking the diaper for poop in the middle of the night with your finger 99% of the time, you're safe. But that 1% is gross.

    On the other hand waking them up to change and then realizing it was just gas, NOT good.

    Okay found you via the Black Tag Diaries
    Thankful Thursday Linkup

  6. Love it! The dog poop made me totally LOL. A friend of mine and I were talking today about the random things that fly out of our mouths as mothers out of necessity- Today's: 'Take your toes out of your sister's hair, please,' and 'Chicken goes in your mouth, not your butt. NO! Give me that piece! That one goes in the trash now."

  7. great post and so glad you linked up this week... hoping we get to hear the dog poop story eventually:)

  8. I have experienced my joys of being a mom and now as a nana look forward to even greater adventures


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