Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm doing it again

Last summer, I looked to you for advice when my cousin & his fiancée asked me to photograph their wedding in October...

You all encouraged me to do it, and I'm so happy I did...
It was a fabulous learning experience!
These are just a few of my favorite shots from that day...

{more photos on my Facebook page here}

They were both thrilled with the way the photos turned out, and I'm still baffled that they included me to be such a big part of their day with such little (NO) experience...


Looks like I'll be doing it again!

Another cousin has asked me to photograph her wedding

Although I do feel more prepared, and having been through it once I've learned a trick or two...
I'm just naturally nervous by nature and afraid I'm going to screw something up!

Luckily, I have signed up for a digital photography course that starts this week and runs for 5 weeks... and I'm hoping to get new camera before the big day as well.

I Will Be Prepared.

I'm going to kick this wedding's... you know what! Ha!

I know I have more than a few readers that are professional photographers, any tips again would be greatly appreciated!  Wish me luck!!

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  1. I had no idea you were a photographer. Those photos are amazing! You have such a creative eye for shots. You'll do great.

  2. Awesome! I learn new things about you every day!!

  3. You will do FABULOUS, Lena :) That's awesome!

  4. Can't wait to see how they turn out!! If you are able to, I would pick up a 50mm. If you can afford it go for the 1.4, if not the 1.2 is only $129 or you can probably find a good price on ebay or craigslist.

    Its a great portrait lens. Its what I use 90% of the time.

  5. Wow! Those pictures are really good, Lena!

  6. Wow, love those pics! You have a very creative eye!

  7. Beautiful job! How exciting... follow your passion.

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous and so much fun!

  9. You will be a pro in no time!!
    Thanks for leaving a comment I appreciate it!! So I am stopping by to show love to your blog, Tweeted and Followed on GFC!!

    Stop by for our "Cupids Arrow Contest" Oh! My Heartsie
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Such beautiful pictures! You are going to do a fabulous job :) Thanks for joining the blog hop this week!

  11. Those are some greats photos! Doesn't look like you have reason to be nervous.

  12. Love those shots! That third shot especially is so pretty! Looks like you'll for the next wedding you do!l do just fine on your own

  13. Love the B&W one of them together on the road! Good luck on your new assignment and Kudo's to you! I have only shot one wedding and I didn't do any of the posed shots as I was second shooting so I am not a lot of help. I know I loved my 75-300 lens because it helped me get great shots without disrupting or distracting in any way from the ceremony itself. :)

  14. wow, congrats these are so beautiful! thanks for linking up!


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