Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guest Post :: Tiffany ::

Hey!!! I'm so excited and flattered that Lena asked me to be her guest!

I blog over at Breakfast with Tiffany about fashion and food and fun stuff like that.
My blog is my happy place where I can just get away and be silly and have fun. Okay, for reals, Target is actually my happy place. But my blog comes in at a very close second! ;)

If you venture over there, you'll find that I post outfits, recipes, tell you funny stories about the kids or Hubs and often I'll ask your fashion related advice or opinion.  Anyways, let's get down to business, shall we?

I'm going on a cruise to the beautiful (and hopefully sunny and warm!) land of Mexico in a few short weeks! I recently asked my readers which which swimsuit I should get to take with me and subsequently decided to get both. =) So, now I have a question for y'all!  Which look should I wear for the first day of cruisin'? The first look is centered around a striped maxi dress, which I really like. Especially when paired with the pink and turquoise accessories. I thought I would wear the denim shirt over the dress, roll up the sleeves and knot the hem around my waist.

The second set is centered around the bright sundress, layered over the hot pink tank.
I think that the more nuetral accessories keep it from being too much.

The third set is all kinds of crazy! =) I love all of the bright colors together. It reminds me of Hawaii, and what girl doesn't like being reminded of the most beautiful place on earth? Am I right? ;)

So, what do y'all think? 
Which set would you choose to wear for a day of chilling and relaxing in the middle of the Caribbean?


Let's help her decide what to wear...
even though I'm sure she'll look great in anything!
Oh, it should also be noted that I'm just a teeny jealous that she's going on a cruise,
and I'm stuck here...
 in the snow.

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  1. #2 is SO Mexico! Love it and the colors!

  2. okay, i love all these outfits but my fave might be #3! great choices. and how much do i love target too!!!


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