Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A big 'ole pat on the back!

One of my goals for 2012 is to be smarter financially...
We don't have a ton of debt, but it's there...
We don't make a ton of money either...
the downfall of working for a small company in a small town, I suppose 
(but it has it's perks! so I stay! lol)

As many of you know.  I love shopping.  I was a natural-born shopper.
I can shop in a mall or in thrift store.  I can shop online or at at yard sale.
I even love window shopping! 
I love a good deal.

And when I took an honest look at my spending habits... I was really shopping a lot.

Sure, it was probably only $5 here & there.  Sometimes $20... very rarely would I buy myself something that costs more than that.  $19.99 is my magic number... that number you never feel guilty spending... do you have one?

I'd pick up some tights... maybe some nail polish.
''Ooooh, is that adorable necklace I've been eyeing 25% off!? I must be a sign!'' 
Of course, I was also spending a lot on the kids.
They do not NEED any more toys.
Especially after the holidays.
And Ruby really doesn't not NEED any more dresses!
The girl's wardrobe is better than mine!  ;)

All this to say that it is now January 18th. 
I'm 18 days into the new year and I haven't bought myself ANYTHING!  

I haven't bought anything that we didn't ''need'...
so bascially, the only thing I've spent money on is food, bills & gas!
Boring, yes.


It feels good!
And it's been easier than I thought!

This is why I'm patting myself on the back today.
I think I sorta deserve it!

(This is where the old me would have 'treated' myself to something...
but I won't!  Not this month!  Haha)

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  1. Ahh, I should challenge myself to do this. I'm a chronic Amazon and Wal-Mart shopper - just.can't.stop.!!!

  2. Hi Lena! Thank you so much for joining the hop my friend! Hope you have a fab day :)

  3. I'm crazy. I try to save as much as possible then I splurge on trips lol. So I booked a vacay to New Orleans for this spring and now I'm making sure I save as much as possible. For me, I usually waste my money on dining. It's the easiest place to meet up with friends and really adds up.

    Good luck (and good job) with the saving!

  4. Guess what!? Our stove died this morning... so looks like I'll be spending my bonus (that we *should* be getting next month) on THAT... Boo! :(

  5. I love spending too haha.. My magic number is about the same as yours. But I get mommy guilt a lot and instead of buying myself stuff I need like a new bra or running shoes I end up buying stuff for my daughter that she doesn't need. Lyla probably has a better wardrobe than I do, just like Ruby!

  6. Good job!! We sound so much alike. I love to shop and I am really trying hard not to. It's not an easy habit to break but when we went on vacation last week we only ate out twice and cooked in the condo for all the other meals and I didn't buy myself a thing! Even though I had budgeted it. Yeah for making progress!

  7. yeah, i've had to cut out my 'extra' spending totally. bills! bills! bills!

  8. My downfall is my son has preschool two days a week and his school is far enough away that it doesn't make sense for me to drive home. So I have to find something to do with my 2 year old for 2 1/2 hours! It usually results in shopping of some sort. I will be glad when he goes to kindergarten close by next fall!

  9. good job. Those first steps are the hardest part.

    Here from the hop.

  10. Good job! You definitely deserve a pat on the back!!

  11. Way to go Lena!! I tend to not spend money on myself... Maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere. ;)


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