Friday, January 20, 2012

52 linked: breakfast

This is NOT what breakfast is suppose to look like.
I never wanted to be "that" mom who gave her kid sugar-filled cereal to start off their day.
But life happens.
Do my kids love english muffins, pancakes, fruit & yogurt?
Do they "want" any of these healthy alternatives?
But sometimes they don't.
And sometimes I just don't have the time to argue with them.
It doesn't help that my kids hate eating first thing in the morning... 
and during the week between the time they wake up & the time we leave, this is usually the simplest solution.
It's a treat.  A bribe almost.
As a mom I need to know they've had "something" to eat before I send them off!

They both get very healthy & nutritious snacks & lunches at daycare and at school, 
{I pack a pretty healthy lunchbox!}
so it helps ease the guilt of when days start off with a breakfast like this!


Linking up with some amazing ladies for this week's "breakfast" theme

Please follow the link and check out what their interpretations of the theme this week!

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  1. my husband's favorite cereal is "Fruit Loops". I think he's crazy- but he never got to eat them as a kid :)
    sometimes as a treat we'll all have a bowl.

  2. i totally ate fruit loops growing up - all the time. getting breakfast into my girl is a challenge - she's not a morning eater either.

  3. Sometimes I feel like my motto in motherhood should have been "whatever keeps me sane". So for all those times I've argued over what to have for breakfast, telling them they needed protein/carb/fruit when all they wanted was a bowl of cereal....not sure it was really worth it. :)
    Blessed be the Fruit Loops!

  4. I agree with Tracey except I call it "whatever works"! Honestly? If N wants to eat an entire plate of french fries with ketchup for dinner once in a blue moon? So be it. At least she's eating SOMETHING.

    After all, Fruit Loops are DELICIOUS.

  5. I totally get the "at least they had something to eat" motto! That's all it really comes down to, right? A semi-full tummy. My son never wants the healthy alternatives either. And this morning he had chicken noodle soup for breakfast and followed it up with gummi bears for "dessert." Ugh.

  6. I'm the meanest mom in the world. My son has only walked down the cereal isle in the regular grocery once. I think his eyes were about to pop out of his head as he took in all the colorful boxes- LOL! He often eats cereal for breakfast, it usually comes from Trader Joe's. Fruit loops really is a treat! :)

  7. I love this idea for a linky party. Happy that we connected thru Twitter. :)

  8. Oh I'm so happy to hear that I'm not the only mom that serves the sugar cereal some days!!! :-)

  9. My kids love cold cereal and it's a big hit at my house for more than just breakfast.

    I joined the project this week. This should be fun!

  10. I love fruity cherrios---yum! Makes me think I need to switch out the Lucky Charms once in a while.

  11. Love your honesty! Whatever works! My son is not deprived of sugar cereal that's for sure. Usually it's a chocolate chip waffle though. he he :)


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