Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Stuff on Friday

Happily I woke up this morning to see that I had gained a few followers since yesterday... and reached my goal of 200 followers!  {204, at last count!}
I am soooo excited!

As promised back at the beginning of September, with the help of Petite Delights, I will be hosting a giveaway as a thank you to my faithful readers... and all my new ones too!
I'm going to do something a little different this time... I wan you all to have as many chances as possible to win... Iloniti's 'shabby, chic, romantic & vintage' jewelry is sooooo worth it!  
Keep your eyes peeled, I will be announcing the giveaway really soon!

Also, yesterday I received my first ever Ruche order!
This beautiful maxi dress, which I'm hoping to wear to an October wedding...
How should I style it!?

I'm also just a few pages from finally finishing The Help.
I must say that I've really enjoyed the book, and it's definitely a new favorite... but I sort of wish I would have read it BEFORE all the "hype."  I think, maybe, I was expecting more...
I must say the characters are truly unbelievable & awesome!
I'm looking forward to the movie, and passing this book along to my friends & family.
Definitely a beautiful read!

But, now that I'm done this book... I need help decided which one I should start next!
Here are my most recent purchases... has anyone read either of these?

linking up with

Other fun news, is that I've been asked by TWO friends if I'd be interested in taking family photos for them!
This is also a big deal for me because I'm trying to practice my photography... and I've been slacking lately.  Not good since I have to photography my cousin's wedding a few weeks... maybe I'll head outside this weekend and do a photo shoot of the kids or something...
What are some of your favorite family photos?
I've been browsing Pinterest, of course... and have come across some great "shots" I'd like to try for their family portraits...

 {note to self - invest in a big, cool picture fame!}

I've also signed up for a basic & introductory photography class... just waiting for the class to fill up... I hope it happens so, I'm anxious to learn this stuff!!

Most of the pics above can be found on my Pinterest boards...if you haven't received an invite for Pinterest yet, let me know!  I'll send an invitation your way... pronto!
And just a reminder that you can find me on Facebook & Twitter too!
{My links can be found at the top of the page}

Happy Friday!  TGIF, right!?

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I'm Playing Thursday

I totally thought I would have to be, like, 12 years old to like Selena Gomez...
But I'm totally DIGGIN' her new song!!

When it comes on in the van (yes, I drive a MINIVAN... see I'm way to old to be listening to this stuff!! haha!), I turn up the volume and sing along as loud as I can... so lame.  Even my kids have given me a few weird looks... 'shrug'


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{small style} Queen Baby

Ruby: "Mommy, I'm a Queen Baby."
Me: "You mean like a Princess?"
Ruby: "No.  A princess is a princess. I want to be a baby Queen. The crowns are bigger"
There you have it.

Dress: Old Navy  Striped sweater: Joe Fresh  Tights: Payless
{this entire outfit is about a size too small, but she refuses to let go of these pieces!}

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm THAT sort of Mom...

I'm the Mom

... who gained nearly 80lbs during her first pregnancy!
... who bought a ton of baby name books, and ended up using names they had already picked out!
... who breastfed her babies longer than some people ''thought'' she should
    (18 months for my son, 20 months for my daughter)
... who co-slept with her babies, and still lets them crawl in bed with her if they want
... who takes a ridiculous amount of pictures of her kids
... who rubs her kids feet with Vicks VapoRub or Wild Oil of Oregano when they have a cold
... who will spit on a tissue and use it to clean up their faces if a cloth or wipe isn't available
... who starts saying ''Santa is watching you!'' by the end of summer
... who will pay $500 for dance lessons because it will make her daughter happy
... who will bring in a 'reptile zoo' (with REAL snakes & lizards, folks!) for her son's
    birthday because it will make him happy
... who lets her kids eat leftovers for breakfast if that's what they want
... who blows kisses to her daughter through the window at daycare
... who bought Depsicable Me, Tangled and Megamind on DVD because she knew she would
    enjoy them even if the kids didn't
... who brings her kids for yearly medical & dental checkups
... who bribes her kids to brush their teeth
... who uses real words to explain body parts to her kids
... who usually ends up picking up *most* of the mess once the kids are finished playing
... who sends them for a sleepover & then wishes they were back home with her
... who trusts her instincts (and is usually right!)
... who tells her kids they can be anything they want (except for anything dangerous!!) 
... who has a daughter with a better wardrobe than she does
... who isn't afraid to act silly in front of her kids
... who encourages her kids to be 'unique'
... who teaches her kids that being different is OKAY
... who tries to lead by example
... who sometimes think she has no idea what she's doing
... who hasn't been out in ages because she prefers staying in with her littles
... who buys (or gets someone else to make) their Halloween costumes
... who goes to every daycare/ school function she's invited to
... who goes on field trips every chance she gets (or finds a someone to go in her place)
... who doesn't let her kids play outside alone
... who does more than a dozen loads of laundry a week
... who wakes up BEFORE the kids on the weekend, so she can enjoy an hour or so of QUIET
... who will ask for advice, but not always take it!

Whoa!  Sorry, that was pretty long winded!  Guess I'm the sort of Mom that could talk forever about her kids!
What kind of Mom are you?  I always say "trust your instincts" and do what feels right for you & your family.  What works for one, might not work for the other, right?  Even kids are different, and I tend to tweak my parenting style to what each of my kids *need*  :)

Linking up with Leilani over at SoleilSelene

I'm also hanging out with Em & guest posting over at And Nothing Else Matters today!  
{I'm talking about my journey as a newbie blogger and some of the stuff I've noticed going on around the blogosphere lately!} 
 Stop by and say hi... if you're not already a follower of And Nothing Else Matters, you should be!  Em is a wonderful person and her blog is great!  

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Ten: Being Weird

I've been called weird more times than I can remember, but....
Linking up with Miss Mommy for Tuesday Ten... join in the fun!

Fun Fact:

Be you. Be Unique!

Now this is WEIRD and confusing, no?

Let's be weird together! ♥


Different is good.

 Love this quote. So punk rock!
Dr. Seuss always knows what to say!

Everyone is weird.

I like weird.

Do you feel weird sometimes?
It's NOT a bad thing!
I love you just the way you are!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

My September LUXE BOX by Loose Button

Luxe Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe-sized beauty samples to your doorstep in a chic box. The samples range from skincare and makeup to fragrance, body, and haircare. What’s more? These samples have been hand-picked by our beauty experts, so we are confident you will enjoy them!
{For my American followers, this is the Canadian version of BIRCH BOX}

I've been hearing nothing but GOOD things about the Luxe Box by Loose Button.
With brands such as stila, shu uemura, shisheido, nars, clinique and calvin klein delivered in deluxe sample sizes in a pretty package right to my door for a very low monthly fee, it was time to check it out!

This month I received...

Moroccan Oil / The Original Oil Treatment
This product is specifically designed for hair that has been damaged by chemical processing and stripped of its natural moisture and elasticity.  Repair luster to sun-ravaged hair with this nutrient rich treatment.  The results are instant and oustanding and will leave hair hydrated with a lightweight, silky texture.
Retail Value: $42 (100 ml)

City Lips by City Cosmetics / Lip Plumping Treatment
The award-winning formula in City Lips includes Oligopeptide technology to increase collagen production in your lips, resulting in greater lip volume and a decrease in wrinkles and lines in and around the lips.  Get extraordinary results and a luxury lip gloss as in one!
Full-Size Retail Price: $35 (5 ml)

Laura Mercier / Perfecting Water - Rich
Also known as Perfecting Water Moisture Mist, this hydrating fluid temporarily over-hydrates skin allowing deeper penetration of ingredients, moisturizers and serums in further treatments.  Contains Deep Sea Water, an ingredient that enhances metabolic reaction within the skin and helps cell renewal.  Keep you skin looking soft and supple all day.
Full-Size Retail Price: $38 (200 ml)

Mereadesso / Face + Neck Toning Gel
This face + neck toning gel is like dipping your skin in nourishing supplements.  With 16 botanical extracts, 7 minerals, a complex of vitamins and enzymes and over 20 different antioxidants, your skin is going to love you for it!  Experience a cooling and tightening sensation with a slight twist of citrus.
Full-Size Retail Price: $120 (50 ml)

Now, the thing I'm super excited about is going to be able to try different brands that I'd NEVER be able to afford normally.  I'm anxious to try all of these..
I'm especially curious about the City Lips Lip Plumping Treament.  :)

I can say that the Loose Button did a wonderful job of keeping track of my order, and I received a few email updates letting me know my Luxe Box was on it's way.  It was beautifully packaged, and so far... definitely worth the $12 or so I paid.  I will give these products a whirl, and look forward to my next Luxe Box!  I will keep you updated with a review or two once I start using my fancy little samples!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review.
I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

being blunt on sunday.

I spent way too much time on yesterday...
and this is what I have to show for it!  ;)

I have to admit... some of them are just too "potty-mouthed" for me...
but these ones were too cute to pass up!

just one more...

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite Things Swap

Leeann over at Join the Gossip had a fabulous idea to organize a blog swap where we'd send some of personal faves to a blogger we were paired with...
I've never done a swap, but thought it would be super fun to participate in.
I wasn't disappointed!

Lucky for me, I was paired with the lovely Tessica who blogs at I Fly Like A Bird -- I wasn't a follower before the swap, but I am a HUGE fan now!
{best part of the swap is meeting new people and discovering awesome new blogs!! love it!}

We were encouraged to get to know our partners better by email & by reading their blog.
I could tell right away that I would love Tessica.
She's a vibrant, smart, well-spoken, spunky and adorable woman... with a gorgeous little girl of her own to  boot!  I was excited to share some of my favorite things with her!

And judging from the parcel I received in the mail on Wednesday, I think we have a lot more in common than I could have imagined!

 It all started with this pretty PINK package!

This note...

And all these goodies!

I received:

Lip Balm
Nail Polish
Note cards
A pumpkin scented soy candle
a CD

Love it ALL!!
Funny thing is we sent each other a couple "similar" items!
You check out her blog to see what I sent her!

Thanks so much Tessica!!
I hope this is just the beginning of an awesome bloggy friendship!

And a big THANK YOU to Leeann for organizing the swap!

Here are some of the fantastic songs on the CD she sent...

You can visit the link up here to see what everyone else got!
I know Tessica received my package, her post should be up soon... take a peak on her blog to see what I got for her!

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Congratulations to Em @ And Nothing Else Matters
You were comment #16, and won the adroably ghoulish little halloween clippies from The Punkin' Heads and Dooda Loo's Giveaway!

 Contact me with your address info so I can pass it along to Katie!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awards Are Awesome

Everyone deserves a little recognition... for whatever it is they do.
I blog. 
I'm blogging more & more.
And I hope I'm getting better at it... ;)

Over the past little while, I've been given a few awards from fellow bloggers... and I just haven't had a chance to respond to any of them.  I wanted to do it right.

Since I'm home for the day with a sick kid {she's curled up on the couch watching The Wonder Pets right now}, and I'm sick of cleaning & disinfecting... I thought it would be a good opportunity to give thanks and tackle these awards!

About a week or so ago, Nay over at Cover to Cover...and Everything in Between bestowed upon me 
One Lovely Blog Award

The rules are:
1.Share 7 facts about yourself
2. Award another 15 blogs with the award

Here it goes:

1. My middle name is Margaret
2. My paternal grandmother was born in Wales, England and I hope to travel there one day.
3. I rarely drink alcohol... I don't like the taste of it, and I get tipsy VERY quickly.
4. I breastfed my babies for a total of 38 months... that's over 3 years!! I loved it!
5. I love talking about baby names... sometimes I think I want another kid, just so I can have fun naming him/her! {Right now my faves are Olive for a little girl, and Knox or Maverick for a boy!}
6. I hate cleaning, but I get stressed very quickly when the house isn't "tidy"
7. The last movie I saw at the theater was "Winnie the Pooh"... I don't get out much!  ;)

Wow, now I have to award 15 blogs... how do I narrow it down!?
Here are some lovely, lovely blogs that all deserve a little recognition... check them out if you're not already following them!

PidgAPeg ... who, by the way, gave me this award:

The rules for this one are similar...

1.Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2.Seven facts about yourself 
3.Pass award to 5 NEW blogs

Thank you sooooo much for this!
I really, really appreciate the time you take to peak at my blog... the fact you enjoy it, and like me, enough to give me an award is amazing!
Lots of LOVE from me to you!!

I'm not overly exciting, and can't really think of 7 new interesting facts about me, so please see above!

I would love to share The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award to

That was hard!  I read soooo many great blogs, and have come to know soooo many cool & interesting ladies!

Congrats to all the "recipients!"

Spread the love!

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Random Thoughts on Thursday

A few recent pins that I love & why....

Because a little dose of cute in the morning never hurt anyone...

Because I can't stand to think about losing anyone I love... like, ever.

Because I used to draw and write poetry and I don't anymore.  That makes me sad... 
I want my children to always be creative!

I've known this for a long time, but it's nice to really remember & think about this one once in a while!  What are some your favorite "little things?"

Linking up with the always fabulous Tricia over at mama marchand's musings for

mama marchand’s musings

{don't forget about the Punkin Heads and Dooda Loo's giveaway... ends tonight!
Winner announced tomorrow}
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