Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tiny dose of cuteness!

Yesterday, as I was putting away laundry upstairs I could hear the kids in the bathroom... Memphis was counting (very slowly & precisely, actually) and I heard Ruby do a few "Oohs & Aahs!"  Oh uh!?  They must be up to SOMETHING, right?

Lucky for me, my camera was within arms reach... Memphis was giving his little sister a "tattoo!"  How cute is that!?  As much as they bicker and fight sometimes, they love each other and Ruby just idolizes her big brother!  

Memphis looks soooo serious! Haha! And, yes, Ruby is wearing a bathing suit.  It's her favorite thing right now!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm LOVING that with all the overtime I've done over the past few months, I don't have to feel *too* guilty about taking the afternoon off because I'm not feeling well.  I'm not sick. Just tired... the past week has been rough and I think I might be fighting off the cold that Memphis has... Anyhoo, point is I'm at home, it's quiet and I get a few hours to relax before picking up the kids. 

I'm LOVING the comforter set that I ordered on sale a few weeks ago for Ruby's room!  It matches perfectly!  Such a steal!  The second set I ordered, which I had planned to return if I didn't like it, matched my niece's room perfectly, so it was a win-win deal!

 I'm LOVING Disney's Tangled!  Brought the kids to see it before the holidays.  Rented it last night and watched it with them again... so good!  Pretty sure the Easter Bunny will be bringing this to our house this year!

 I'm LOVING the fact that I will probably be able to donate our old car to the Kidney Foundation of Canada's Kidney Car Program!  Just need to make a call to see if they'll pick up in this area!  Would love for something good to come out of all my bad luck!  

And that's what I'm LOVING today... how about you?
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday... Celebrity Hairstyles

Link up with Taylor over at The Undomestic Momma and tell me what your fave celebrity hairstyles are! For me, this is an easy one!

I love, love this punk rock pixie cut that Marley Shelton sported years ago!  I actually had a version of this when I lived in Montreal before Memphis was born. It was an expensive hairstyle to keep up, but it was perfect!  Wish I could do it again!

Really long. Really blonde. Really straight.  ♥
Gwyneth really can't do any wrong with her hair!  I always love it!

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Friday, March 25, 2011


On a scale of 1 to 10, this week (more specifically yesterday) was a 2 (and I'm being generous).  

We had car trouble. With both cars! Each within a day of each other. Seriously. 
One will easily be fixed (goodbye $400!) but the other didn't fare out so well!  Not surprising. It was a '95! It was cheap, but it did the job for 2+ years.  A safe, functional car without a car payment.  We knew it wouldn't last forever, the plan was for it to last until at least our last payment on the other car (which is 2 months from now)... so we did good. But c'mon... couldn't it not have waited for the other car to be out of the shop!?

Luckily, we are surrounded by family and friends who were able to loan us their vehicles and help us get to work.  Hubby's car should be out of the shop today or tomorrow, and I'll be borrowing a car from my aunt who recently purchase a new car (and has a perfectly good Corolla just sitting in her driveway)! Phew!
So, I guess, once the car payments are done on hubby's car, we'll be car shopping again!  

To make matters worse all these car emergencies were distracting me from my tight deadline at work. Everything MUST be done by today. 5:00 p.m. That's it, that's all.  Eek!
Time to stop procrastinating and get ready for work.  I am so ready for this week to be over!  TGIF!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Help me win a Girl's Day Out with my BFF!

Please help me and my BFF win a "Girl's Day Out."  The prize is awesome!!

"Like" the page
then find our pic (see below)
Click "comment" and write the word "Vote" to vote for us!

She's been my best friends since we were 15, but we don't get to see each much anymore. This would be the *perfect* opportunity!

Thanks so much!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sticks & Stones

Spring has sprung!  {sorta} Finally!
The weather was funtastic this weekend.  I loved being able to finally get out & get some fresh air with the kids. 
I'm horrible at taking time to get outside during the winter. I will find any excuse to stay inside. I'm not into any winter sports, and I hate being cold. 
With Spring comes mud, puddles, and an endless supply of sticks!  Memphis LOVES sticks. Of course. Didn't we all?  We went for a walk, Memphis picked up a few "contenders" and then found the perfect one!

Yes, I let my kids play with sticks.  I know better, they know better... but it was all in good fun.  Nobody lost an eye. They know they should be careful and to only do it when I'm around.  I played with sticks, and I survived, right?

This also means I'll soon find rocks in the dryer.  Kids LOVE sticking those in their pockets!

On our walk, we picked up our first "slush" of the season. Watermelon flavored. Yum.

Oh, and I don't have pics of this, but Ruby fell into a huge puddle in the ditch across the street. Not surprising. 
Welcome back, Spring!

ETA: Minutes after I posted this it started to snow. Like mini-blizzard type snow... and it's still falling. Sheesh!
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Friday, March 18, 2011


I made it!
What a week!
I have been very busy at work getting ready for a new system the company will be launching at the end of the month.  Tons of files to be revised and a ton of data entry [on top of my already pretty heavy work load].  Needless to say, the vibe in the office is pretty stressful right now.  I worked through all my lunch hours, and got to the office as early as possible all week. I don't mind, but it's hard not getting any real break from the craziness! 
I've been keeping myself busy in the evenings with the regular stuff - kids/laundry/cleaning - but happily it seems that I'm getting a lot more done now that it's not dark as soon as we get home.  I'm definitely feeling much more productive... Thank you daylight savings!
To sweeten my week, I got a few fun parcels in the mail!  Love, love, love getting treats!
Last week I stumbled upon an adorable pair of gently used [purple!] Puma shoes on Ebay.  I got them for a real STEAL!  And they were shipped in no time!  Love them!

I also ordered a couple more books from!  This week, I got "Winter Garden" "The Day I Shot Cupid" and "Say You're One Of Them."  I won't be starting any of these anytime soon, since I just picked up "House Rules" at a used book store over the weekend, but again... bargain books are definitely one of my weaknesses!

I haven't received these yet, but I ordered Memphis & Ruby each a new swimsuit.  Gap/Old Navy have a great sale on right now, and with a code for an extra 30% off, I couldn't resist!

For my little ballerina

For my little marine biologist

Also, Ruby  needs a new comforter... so I thought I'd check out the Sears Outlet... lo & behold, another sale!  I had a code for 25% off, plus there was a "deal of the day" going on with these 2 sets - TODAY ONLY 60% off!  What!?  I ordered both since I couldn't decide (her walls are green, furniture is white, I think the overall theme of her room is a bit eclectic and whimsical, so either one could probably "fit" with the right drapes and accent pillows).  I will return one... so I'll be getting a $100 set, for roughly $35!  Woot, woot!

Wow, so I guess it's pretty apparent that I deal with stress best with a little retail therapy, eh?

Not much planned for the weekend.  I rented "127 Hours" for tonight... been wanting to see it for awhile. Hope it doesn't disappoint.  I've been intrigued with this story since it first made headlines back in 2003!

So, that's it for now.

I hope everyone enjoys a lovely weekend!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is this for real?

So, is this for real?  Or are we all being punk'd?
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St. Patty's!

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
– Irish blessing

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I loves me some coupons... especially when coming across an awesome deal like this!
I rarely get anywhere near a Harvey's... but when I do, it's a yummy treat!  Love that you have a say as to what goes in your burgers!  And the onion rings are "tha bomb!" 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Smooth move...

... not!
In a rush to get back to work this afternoon (I had planned on working through lunch, but hubby enticed me to come home with burgers on the BBQ!), I slipped on muddy grass and took a huge chunk out of my knee!  It... stung. My ego could have been bruised, I'm sure I looked pretty funny, but luckily nobody was watching (I hope!).
To make matters worse, I ruined a completely fine pair of black dress pants (my office "look") and will now have to be extra careful not to pick at the HUGE scab that will be coming... skirt weather is right around the corner! 
Pretty sure I'll have a battle scar to show for it, as well.  Total bummer!
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Top 2 Tuesday...

Top 2 Random Facts About Moi!

{1} I will not eat a sandwich someone else has made. I'm not sure why, but I prefer to "assemble" my own.  I don't like butter or margarine for one, if it's a meat sandwich with mustard, I want the mustard in between the meat so it doesn't touch the bread, etc.

{2} I've never gotten any type of ticket (speeding, parking, etc.) and have never been in trouble... but I'm terrified of cops.  I always feel like "they're out to get me" or the 1 time I do something a teeny bit illegal, I'll get caught.  Actually, terrified isn't the right word. I do have alot of respect for authority and truly believe in "don't do the crime, if you can't do the time."  I guess it's in my goody-two-shoes nature to NOT want to get in trouble! 
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Friday, March 11, 2011

First Date

It's a Friday night, hubby is working, I'm  home with Ruby (actually just getting back from a yummy dinner out!) and Memphis is out on his very first date!
Seriously cute, no?
Last night I got a call from a friend asking if Memphis would like to join her & her daughter for a movie tonight.  Memphis was ecstatic because a) it's a little girl he goes to daycare with and adores, and b) it was "Rango" (a movie he's been bugging to see since he saw the very first trailer)

But unfortunately, he had a rough start to his day.  A sore tummy and a little puke (sorry, TMI)... I'm wondering now if it was just a bad case of nerves?  Once he got that out of his system, he was fine.  All day he kept an eye on the clock... "How many more hours until my date?" "How many more seconds until my date?"
Finally, the big moment arrived!  Off he went!  What a big boy!
I'm sure he's having a great time!
Funny thing is he's had a bit of crush on this girl since she started at the daycare... he just thinks she's the bee's knees!  It's very platonic, of course... they're 5!  But it's really adorable.  I thought it wise to blog about this day just in case this story is told at their wedding someday!  Haha... Imagine!?
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GLEE - "Do You Wanna Touch Me" Full Performance feat. Gwyneth Paltrow! (...

So, I LOVED last night's "Sexy" episode of Glee... mostly because I'm girl crushing on Gwyneth again. ;)
[not in a sex way, but a "man, why can't i be that hot" after 2 kids sort of way! you know what i mean]

For some reason, I feel like I should NOT like Gwyneth Paltrow. She's too "it" or too "Hollywood." But she kicks ass! I loved her in 'Duets' and I'm so happy she's been guest starring on one of my fave shows!

C'mon, would anyone NOT want to be as cool as "Holly Holliday?"
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Silly superstition?

a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation; an irrational abject attitude of mind toward the supernatural, nature, or God resulting from superstition; a notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary

Yesterday morning, Ruby was looking for something in our catch-all closet and pulled out my umbrella.  I have told my kids on many occasions to NOT open the umbrella in the house because it could lead to bad luck.  They've heard about bad luck before thanks to Little Foot and his gang in The Land Before Time VI "The Secret Of Saurus Rock" but they obviously don't really get how serious it is.
Yesterday afternoon, mere hours after the umbrella/bad luck discussion, Ruby dropped a hand mirror down our stairs.  I wish I wasn't superstitious at all, but apparently I am.  Really, breaking a mirror will make even make a skeptic shudder... at least for a moment, right? I think we all believe in good luck, and love to blame everything else on bad luck.  
The first "remedy" I found to reverse the bad luck caused by the broken mirror was to leave the pieces for  7 hours before picking them up [not going to happen in a house with 2 little ones and a cat] and bury it under the moonlight [also not happening right now - March is snowy and the ground is frozen].  Then I remembered that my mom once broke a mirror and she put all the pieces in a bag and through it over the bridge under running water! AHA!  Yep, I Googled that too and came up with this:
"Take the object you believe is causing your bad luck and dispose of it by either burning it or throwing it under running water."

Anyone else believe in this stuff?  What would you do?
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Gatineau woman shocked by snake in tub | Ottawa and Region | News | Ottawa Sun

Gatineau woman shocked by snake in tub | Ottawa and Region | News | Ottawa Sun
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Sewing lessons?

As you may have gathered from previous posts or Facebook statuses, I adore Etsy.  
You can literally find ANYTHING and almost EVERYTHING is super unique. 
I have a hard time saying no to "cute."  Especially when it's for Ruby (and it's affordable!). 
Right now, I have my eyes on these:

"Fancy Pants"

"MisMatched Dress"


"Ruffle Pants"
With Spring and Summer quickly approaching (I hope!), how can I say no!?  I really, really, really need to buy a sewing machine and learn to sew and a follow a pattern because I could TOTALLY be making these things, right!?

I enjoy fashion, and kid clothes are just too adorable.  Especially the stuff out there for girls!  I love that it's all mini versions of stuff I wish I could wear (and usually at a much cheaper price)! 

It's definitely given me food for thought.  I'm tempted to learn how to sew.  It doesn't have to be anything really fancy, but I should be able to learn basic patterns (which I can totally find on Etsy, of course)?

(sidenote for those with sons: I haven't stumbled across any boy clothes or shops on Etsy that scream out to me... Memphis looks so cute in jeans and band tees so that's what we usually stick to for him... BUT the stuff you can find on Etsy in the way of toys, wall art and costumes is insane!! Check it out!)
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