Wednesday, December 28, 2011


At the ripe old age of 32, I have finally accepted the fact that time speeds up the older you get.
There is no way around it.
There is no pause button… or rewind.

I have always treasured the moments I have with my friends & family, but I am making the extra effort now to stop and enjoy the little moments… even the really little ones.

My kids will only be this little ONCE.
We don"t plan on having any more...
We may, in a moment of insanity, try again someday… MAYBE… but for now, this is it.
Our family is complete!

Every day, I want to hold them closer (and tighter!), give them more kisses, tell them how much I love them… because there will come a day when hanging out with Mom & Dad won’t be "cool" anymore… Gasp! I’m still in a bit of denial here…
my kids will totally want to hang out with me forever, right!?


I also want them to spend more time with their grandparents.

Many of my favorite childhood memories are the times I spent at my grandparent's cottage. Oh, the stories I could tell! My grandma was a real hoot, and we all miss her very much. It saddens us that she never met any of her great-grandchildren (she’d have 6 now!)… But her memory lives us through us and I tell my kids about her too.

My kids have 3 living grandparents and a great relationship with each one.
It's so special!

 This post wasn't intended to be morbid. We all know we aren't going to be here forever (I have a really hard time getting my head around that most of the time), but with so many news stories lately about people being taken from us "too soon"… it's just a reminder to slow down a little, if you can…

Make memories with your friends & family, and don't ever forget that each day is a gift. 
Can you believe how fast 2011 just flew by!?

Let's teach our kids to take is slow sometimes too. Kids nowadays seem to have so much on their plate and are rushing around just as much as we do!! It's okay to stop and be silly.
Be a kid… for as long as they can!!


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  1. I adore this post! Because it's been on my mind a lot too with my step-kids. I seem like we get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and forget the small things. I don't want to wake up with regrets one day or it be 'too late.' Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  2. Yes! Such a good reminder! I cherish the times I spent at my grandparents as a child too! We live three hours away from my parents now... SO I really worry about that for when we have kids someday. Hopefully we'll work it out when the time comes.

  3. I think about this a lot, because my kids' grandparents all live in California and we cannot visit as often as we used to. It makes me sad that they can't spend time with them and their aunts and uncles. I used to have so much fun spending time with my extended family when I was little.


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