Saturday, December 3, 2011

Surviving the Holidays: Guest Post by Brooke

One of my lovely sponsors, Brooke {a new view 365} is here with a wonderful holiday guest post!
So happy to have her visiting the blog!
... take it away, Brooke!

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes many festivities and get togethers regardless of the faith or reason you celebrate.
Often along with this can come a sense of stress, obligation and pressure. The list of things to do and people to see can be endless!
   holiday cards to be mailed
   gifts purchased
   baked goods made/bought (cheaters!)
   hostess gifts figured out for each event/party you have to go to
   make plans with the family
   keep the house clean
   don’t forget groceries
   trips to the LCBO {we all know it’s true!}
   make it to the gym to work off all the sweets and holiday lunches
   Oh right, stay on top of your WORK responsibilities
   keep the kids entertained
   the list goes on and on!

Here are some suggestions to get through this busy season as unscathed as possible:

         Keep a calendar. If you don’t normally have a calendar of things going on, get one! Write down all your obligations and post it in your kitchen. This will help you keep track at a quick glance of what’s coming up and if you’re over booking yourself. Try not to pack too much into a single day/weekend. I like to keep it to a single obligation per day. Running from one place to the next, constantly checking your watch and feeling rushed will make your time with friends & family less enjoyable.

     Learn to say NO. Just because someone asks you over or to do something doesn’t mean you have to say yes. You’re not a bad friend/family member if you say NO. Doing too much will spread you too thin and you’re less likely to put in the quality time with the person/people that you’d like to. This also means saying NO to yourself. Let yourself off the hook, no one will think less of you if you have to say NO to sending out cards this year. Don’t have time to bake for a cookie exchange, just say NO. Didn’t get the house dusted? Trust me no one will notice ;)

        Make a list. Keep yourself organized, make a list, check items off as you go. When something pops in your head, write it down. There’s only so much brain power to go around, remembering everything you need to do can be a challenge. Most of us have an iPhone or Blackberry attached to our hips, use it!

       Schedule days off. This means days where you don’t have to rush to a store, pick up groceries, go see anyone. At least one day a week you can come home from work and just chill out. Sounds impossible? Nonsense! Remember that calendar you’re using, mark a day of nothingness every week. Also schedule a day to clean the house, preferably a week night. This way when the weekend rolls around the vacuuming is already done and you can just get on with the fun stuff!


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  1. These are such great tips. During the holidays we forget about what the true meaning of Christmas is and we get wrapped up in all the hoopla. Learning to say no and scheduling a do nothing day are definitely great tips!

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