Tuesday, December 27, 2011

some resolutions for 2012

I'm horrible {HORRIBLE!} at making & keeping my New Year's Resolutions... but I keep making them year after year, and I am always very happy when I do accomplish one.
It's a good feeling when you set your mind to something and get it done!

I've thought about these for a while, and I'd be thrilled to accomplish all of these.

make more time for ME

start working out... lose at least 15 lbs so I can fit, comfortably, into most of the clothes in my closet!

Go, at least, 30 days in row withouth buying anything we don't "NEED"  
A whole month of "necessities" only

significantly lower our debt
(resolution three might come in handy here!)

read more

be more crafty

surprise more people with totally random acts of kindness,
and encourage others to do the same

print more pictures and keep our photo albums up to date

try a new recipe at least once a month

visit out of town friends more often!

Phew!  Those definitely are things I've been meaning to do more... They aren't unreasonable either, right?
Think I can keep 'em up?

Linking up with J&M's Eye Candy for their resolutions linky party...
you should too!

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  1. I have a few of the same resolutions too.... especially going a whole month of only buying necessities. That is something I need to buckle down on!

  2. great list - random acts of kindness keep the world going...

  3. I love ALL of these and most of them are on my list, too. :) Except for your fifteen pounds ... I want to lose sixty. ;)

  4. Love these!! Please blog about the only necessities for 30 days. I feel like I need this in my life. Also please share any new recipes. Trying new recipes is on my list too.
    Good luck!
    Happy 2012!

  5. those are some really awesome goals. I love the random acts of kindness one.

  6. great resolution. Me time is very important.

  7. good luck with theses goals! And Happy New Year! I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can!


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