Saturday, December 17, 2011

our new start...

For those who have been following and know the struggles we've been dealing with,
I have some GOOD news!
We FINALLY got some answers yesterday!

{can you tell how excited Memphis was about going...}

We brought Memphis for his first visit with a child psychiatrist, and it couldn't have gone better!
We explained to him that we were going to see a doctor that wasn't going to be checking his body, but speaking with him to check his mind.
Being the curious little boy that he is, he did very well in the meeting!
Luckily, our file was very well prepared by our wonderful case worker and after speaking with us and meeting with Memphis, we left with an ADHD diagnosis... and meds.

Okay, some of you may wonder why I'm excited about this.
First of all... we knew something was off.  Memphis couldn't function anymore.
We barely made it through a day or two without having to bring him home from school early.
Once home, the rest of our day was spent "dealing" with him...
{all the while dealing with every day stuff like work, housework, errands, Christmas, and of course... we have Ruby's needs to attend to as well}
We were all stressed and, literally, at our wits end.
We couldn't do anything more than what we were doing, and nothing was getting better...
So to finally have a diagnosis and a "game plan" is a very positive thing for our family.
I was worried about medicating him, but we've started with the lowest dose possible and will be monitoring him very closely... I do not want him to turn into a zombie... but we need him to be able to "focus" in a functional manner.

This is only the beginning, though.
The doctor explained the meds are really a way to help him focus so Memphis can be properly reassessed.  A complete psychiatric evaluation will be done... when the time is right.
With all his other quirks, it is clear there all also underlying issues that are being masked by the ADHD right now... so, our journey has just begun.

We're not out of the woods yet...
But we're on our way and we are hopeful.
Very hopeful.

We gave him 1 pill this morning, and I'm already close to tears.
He is calmer, happier... our family is able to "relax" & take it easy on a Saturday morning for the first time in... gosh, I can't even remember.

I want to thank you for prayers and kind words.
Knowing I have a place to document these struggles and be supported is the best feeling.

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  1. Oh, sweetie. I'm so happy there is a diagnosis! I know this is probably something you'll have to get used to but I'm sure you feel relieved. :)

    My hubby had severe ADD when he was a kid and medication is the only thing that worked to get him back on track. After a few years and once he got into high school, he weaned himself off of it and learned coping mechanisms to deal with it instead. The medicine had started to make him feel loopy and weird. So, he discovered that sports was the outlet that worked for him along with some serious organizational things (keeping a calendar AND a planner). If you want to talk more about it, feel free to email me!!!

    LOVE YOU! *hugs*

  2. I am so happy that you were able to find answers! Jason has adhd as well, and with Ethan always being a bumble filled with so much energy and being so stubborn with things we have wondered if he has inhertied the gene. He is of course to young to be offically tested and there is the chance that he is just very smart and bored. I completely understand how you feel on those days when you have to ''deal'' with the personality side effects of adha. I have lost track of how many time I have had to stop and just go sit outside because I have lost sight of what to do and how to handle the situation.

    Jason wanted me to let you know that with people who have adhd to remember that they are usually extremely intelligent and unique thinkers, who could go on to do great things. When I told Jason that the principal hired the extra teacher before hearing the diagonisis he was impressed and realived to hear that the school system has changed since he was there. Jason was bounced constantly between gifted and the umm I think its called intelecutally challegend class now {sorry if thats wrong lol}.

    Keep doing what you are doing for Memphis! He seems to be a very sweet funny boy, so you are doing lots of right things for him!

  3. I am so happy that you experienced your 1st morning together with calm and peace. Only another mom who has a child with similar struggles knows what that means. Keep up your confidence that you evidently have about his treatment. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for medicated him. There are some who are not educated about such disorders and believe these kids are either ill-mannered or not disciplined at home. You have been such an advocate for him. Keep going!!!

  4. So happy for you and your family, you are the mother and you know what is best for your son!

  5. Although there may be any more bumps in the road, I am so happy that you at least have a starting point now. Nothing is worse than not knowing. Memphis is so blessed to have such dedicated, loving parents and with your unfailing love and patience he is going to flourish. Thank you for being brave and sharing your are such a voice for other mothers enduring similar situations. Lots of love to you and your family! xoxo

  6. I'm glad that you have some answers & I hope the meds help. My daughter has always been off too & is extremely angry. She is now seeing someone (a counciler). She's only gone a few times so far.

  7. I'm so glad there's help for you. I remember the feeling of FINALLY having some one who believed what we were saying, didn't just poo-hoo our concerns that G was "Just being a boy," and could HELP! It was such a GLORIOUS feeling to know SOME ONE could help us help our son function. SPD isn't treated with meds, but OT 2-3 times a week right now(and for the last year) have turned him into a new boy. Not that there aren't still struggles- Some days I am in tears by 10am because I just don't know how to help him regulate that day, but that used to be the NORM, so I'll take one day a week. ;-)

    *hugs* for you and Memphis- and your WHOLE family. There will be lots of changes coming up for all of you, and I pray the good out-weigh the bad.

  8. Thank goodness for answers. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

  9. I'm glad you were able to get some answers! Memphis is truly an intelligent child, I swear he's smarter than I am lol. Ryan was diagnosed with ADHD in grade 1 after a terrible year in Kindergarten. We were very hesitant to turn to meds but they have been a lifesaver for him and us! We see a huge difference in his ability to concentrate on tasks. And he is far from a zombie, he is still quite active and busy. We started with the lowest dose and upped it only to 15mg twice a day which seems to work nicely for him. I was so afraid of medicating him and ending up with a zombie child that I held off the meds until the pediatrician told me I was actually working against his best interest by doing that!

    I'm glad Memphis is able to have good days at school now.

  10. So glad that you got some answers and have a plan in place now. :)


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