Friday, December 2, 2011


This has been all over some of my favorite blogs this week, and I wanted to join in on the fun
{also might be a good way for some of my new friends to get to know me a little better}

Obsessing Over

Tights. Majorly.

I have a ton in all sorts of colors & patterns...
Think I might have to add to my skirt & dress collection to match all of them now... I'm so totally up to the challenge!  ;)


Once Upon a Time
LOVE this show.  Hooked.
Same writing team as LOST, though... so I'm not surprised!
Anyone else into it!?

Turkey bacon.
Ha!  Seriously been craving the stuff daily!
{no, I'm NOT pregnant!}

Working On

Staying positive & being patient.
{easier said than done most days}
As some of you may know, we are struggling with some behavioral issues with our son.
Every single day is a challenge... but we're all in it together.
The hardest part is not "losing my cool" after a rough day...

Thinking About

My blog.
I've reached 320 followers and I'm totally amazed.

 I truly love blogging... I have made some great friendships, and it has become an important "outlet" for me.
I can barely remember a time "pre-blog."
WELCOME to the newbies!  Can't wait to get to know everyone better!

I'm also thinking about what we should do for Ruby's 4th birthday party.
I'm thinking lots of pink balloons... lots of sweets... and family only.
We had a big party for Memphis this year, so I feel a little guilty "down-sizing" Ruby's celebration, BUT we are awfully close to Christmas and there's so much to do, and people are so busy this time of year.
We did get her the toy she's been asking for...
and as long as there is cake, she'll be happy!


My new nose piercing to be fully healed.
I know I'm weeks (months!?) away from that, but it'll be so nice to not have to worry about cleaning it & stuff... haha.
Piercing my nose at the height of runny nose season probably wasn't the smartest move!
But I still LOVE it!

Listening To

The new Footloose soundtrack.
I'm so NOT a country fan, but I can't get enough of Fake I.D.

and this version of Holding Out for a Hero is


Diet Dr. Pepper
I'm itching to try the new
Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate from Tim Horton's


For a white Christmas.
I'm not a fan of snow. Like, at all.
BUT it just doesn't feel the same without it.
We got another light dusting today... I hope it stays.
The kids are always so excited when it snows!


Let me know if you do a "currently" post... I'd love to read it!
Also... if anyone has ANY questions for me, just leave a comment or send me a message.
It would be fun to do an "I Answer Your Questions" type post

{did you check out my Vlog Swap & Giveaway with The {Posh} Daisy?}

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  1. I am the same about snow :D

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. This is a great post! And congrats on the 320 followers!!! That is so amazing!

  3. My daughter will be 2 Christmas Day, yes Dec 25th.... I feel HORRIBLE that she did not have a first bday party. :(

  4. I like this "Currently". the questions are not to deep...but interesting and they can change from week to week. Once Upon a Time....getting more into it...I was leery at first...but loving you told me by Lost people....oh no. I got sucked into watching that. They had like a gazillion episodes and I know nothing. They were just messing with us or high...don't know which....anyhoo...

  5. I feel the same way about snow! Love your blog :) Your newest follower :)

    xoxo - kylie


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