Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Bloggy Buddies are the Best!

Isn't it funny how someone you've only ever met online and have gotten to know through blog posts & emails can become such a good friend!?
It still amazes me how many new friends I've made through blogging.
I met Brooke through a Friendship Bracelet Swap, and she's awesome!

I'm sure some of you have noticed I'm a little obsessed with tights right now.
Uh huh.
Well, Brooke did.
And when she mentioned that maybe I could find some cool one at H&M and when I mentioned the closest H&M is, like, 4 hours away(!!)... Brooke said she'd take a peak for me next time she was there!

Well, last week I received this parcel in the mail...

Serioulsy, not only did she pick out 2 totally gorgeous pair of tights for me... 
she also picked up this adorable bracelet and sent it for Ruby!!
We love getting the mail around here!

The point of the post isn't that bloggy buddies are great because they send you stuff.
The point is they listen AND they go out of their way to do things for you sometimes.
How awesome is that!?

Thanks again, Brooke!

If you haven't checked out Brooke's blog yet, you can find her over at A New View 365
Also, don't forget to enter the !mo Camera Strap giveaway that ends tonight...
and keep your eyes peeled!
I have some fun stuff happening on the blog this week!

Have a great day!

{My Tuesday Ten post can be found here}

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  1. Isn't it awesome?! I know exactly how that feels because of my bloggy bff. What would we do without them? Oh my gosh, I don't even want to think it.
    Pidgy, never leave me, k?:)
    xoxo's to you Lena-girl!

  2. It's amazing how many friendships can be made via blogging. It's such a wonderful community :)

  3. That was sweet of your blogging friend to send you the package. Did you happen to receive my swap package yet?

  4. That's so nice. I love love LOVE that bracelet! So cute.
    Visiting from your hop.


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