Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I was a little less than prepared for this week's Tuesday Ten linkup with Miss Mommy... so I turned to a little guy with a LOT of ideas...  my son. 
I asked him to give me a list of 10 things. Anything he could think of...
This is what we he came up with!

Memphis' Top Ten "Dream" Pets

Burmese Python
{which isn't a croc or a gator, but apparently in the crocodile family... Memphis was very specific!!}

My kid is so not average! haha
Don't you love that  "puppy" is on the list between  "cobra" & "bat"...
and hamster, parakeet, kitten or bunny are nowhere on his list! Ha!

Funnily enough, we DO have a cat and his name is Otis.
The kids love him, and he is very patient with them... which you'll probably notice in the video!

Happy Tuesday!
Can't wait to see your Tuesday Ten linkups!

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  1. What a super cute list! Go Memphis!

  2. haha! Cobra and Shark. A little bit scary. I would go for puppy or lizard. :)

  3. I love the Shark one, that is so cute. I just love little boys and their imaginations. You know if it was a girl all the animals would be fluffy and sweet :)

  4. This is Memphis and Ruby signing off!. That's adorable!.

  5. lol oh my gosh! that last bit cracked me up!!!! poor otis meowing lol i love it :)

  6. SO cute!! He is so smart!! Thanks for sharing the video! I smiled thru the whole thing!!

    Stopping in Miss Mommy's link up party.

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  7. OMG that video is just so cute!
    Your cate is adorable too but those kids... i just about died when they said "this is Memphis and Ruby signing off...'' TOO CUTE!!!

  8. They are so adorable! My mom has a big orange cat like Otis! He's so big I call him a dog though lol.

    Its so cute how Memphis and Ruby interact with eachother! Can't wait till Pea is old enough to do that with Ethan!


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