Monday, November 14, 2011


I suffered a CRUSHING blow to my self-esteem this morning.
As I was leaving the daycare, another mom asked me how the baby was doing... when I asked her what baby she was talking about, she said ''Didn't you just have a baby?'' Um... No!  

I thought that would be the end of it, then she adds... ''Oh, well when is he or she coming out?  Must be soon!?''  
Geez, woman, seriously!?  Do I look THAT pregnant?  For reals?  

I told her that I was NOT pregnant...  but then she seemed embarrassed (duh!)  so I tried to make her feel better by saying ''Oh, don't worry, I know I wear a lot of loose, flowy  tops and I have gained a little weight this year...''

Not only to I have to deal with the fact that I'm thirty-two...
Now I have to worry about NOT looking like I'm 9 months preggo!?

What a way to start the week!
Guess this means I really do have to start exercising again...


... on a bright note... 
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  1. oh so you're not having a baby?! lmfao! just kidding...i've had that happen...and it S U C K S!!!
    You're a gorgeous woman and, NO, you do not look preggers!

  2. Some people really should learn to keep thoughts to themselves.
    ps. I love the pic, & I feel the same way love.

  3. Is she blind? You do not look preggers! Some things you just don't say to people! God!

  4. OMG and then did you proceed to b&#@! slap her?! Wow! The nerve of some people. You are absolutely perfect and do NOT look pregnant. What a butthead!

  5. Maybe she knows something we don't? LOL When I was 4 days overdue with Ryan I went to the post office and was saying to one of the counter ladies how I was anxious to have the baby, she asked when I was due, I replied "4 days ago" and she tells me she didn't even realize I was pregnant. Thanks, so everyday that I came in for the last 40 weeks I was just looking fat?!?!? (fatter than normal)

  6. THAT IS HORRIBLE...that mom doesn't know the rules, if you don't know for sure...just keep your mouth shut. Sure I have seen people that may LOOK pregnant but i would NEVER in a MILLION years ask them...
    Sorry you had to deal with that this morning...

  7. That is something you never want to hear! and guess what I got a comment from a man saying that I looked pregnant! I was buying formula for my son and he asked "oh getting for the little one?" I was like what the?!!! I feel your pain, and it sucks! and by the way you do not look pregnant at all!

  8. OMG! That is awful! Well I can tell you that I saw you this Saturday and there was not even A HINT of "pregnancy"! I think you look great!! Is there a possibility that this other mom is envious of you and tried to tear you down? Because you do look awesome!

  9. Awww, poor you Lena, what a crappy start to the day. You do not look pregnant at all, nor do you look like you just had a baby...some people.

    If it makes you feel better, here's what I was told this morning by Cole:

    'Mommy, you know your belly that's chubby at the bottom?'
    {Silence while I wait for the rest to come}
    'It's pretty cute.'

    I proceeded to tell him why my 'bottom belly' is chubby, due to him! Also, he calls me chubby squirrel randomly. :s

  10. Ahhhh I hate hearing stories like this! NEVER ask unless you KNOW! And I've seen lots of pics of you on your blog, and you definitely do NOT look pregnant, nor expecting. You look GREAT!! :)

  11. You are STUNNING!! Seriously, people are ridunkulous at times!! Brush it off hot momma!!! Love the card by the way, hahahaha! Have a great week!!

  12. OH MY WORD. Totally ridiculous because you are CLEARLY not pregnant! WHAT THE HECK?!

  13. I hate it when that happens! (She should have known better.) When my parents were younger a woman they knew but hadn't seen in awhile asked if my mom was pregnant (She wasn't.) My dad (the ever sensitive male) immediately answered, "No, she's not pregnant--It's just gas." The woman laughed her head off as my mom just stood there completely mortified. (The Blunt Card is funny.)

  14. Wow! People's stupidity always amazes me. I hope today was a little better for you.


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