Thursday, November 24, 2011

i am blank

I am weird because
I love waking up BEFORE the kids, even if that means getting up at 6:00 a.m. on the weekends
I can't eat a sandwich that someone else has made
I don't own a cell phone {I've mentioned this before and people are shocked!}
I put vinegar on my pasta
Chewing gum helps me fall asleep
I hate wearing socks
I'm a natural blonde, but I prefer my hair dark -- luckily, my eyebrows are naturally dark!!

I am a bad friend because
I don't make a bigger effort to see my friends that live out of town
I never call anyone
I don't always tell them exactly what is going on in my life

I am a good friend because
I am loyal
I'm not judgemental
I am happy for my all my friends successes
I can be silly with them... :P
I can offer good advice {sometimes!}
I listen

I am sad because
Unexpected car troubles have left us super broke
My brother is going through an "interesting" time and I think it will affect my whole family
Nothing in my close fits me anymore!

I am happy because
We finally have a set date for Memphis' evaluation
I finally had the courage to pierce my nose! Love it!
I have a beautiful, healthy family
I will be able to surprise the hubs with a great birthday gift today 
I scored a super cute "leather " vest while out thrifting the other day {can't wait to wear it!}

I am excited for
The holidays
My next pay, so I won't ''seem'' so broke anymore 
Ruby's birthday
A new episode of "Once Upon a Time" this Sunday

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American bloggy buddies!!

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  1. Vinegar on your pasta? I've heard of vinegar on a lot of things but not pasta! I kind of want to try it now...LOL! The nose piercing looks really good on you :)

  2. I put vinegar in my chili but haven't heard of on pasta before.

  3. NO cell phone! Yikes...I'd! You look so different as a blonde but you are SO gorgeous both ways!! Not many people can pull that off but you are definitely one of them :) Great post my dear!


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