Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eff, Marry, Kill { Geek Edition }


It's back!
{Love this linkup!}
Can't wait to see who everyone else is choosing this week!

Today I'm sharing my "Geek" list!

 and this is why...

I'm not usually into scrawny guys... but Mathew Gray Grubler's character, Dr. Spencer Reid, is damn sexy!
So cute, in fact, I can't decide whether I like him with the short or long hair better! 

Michael Cera... okay, how cute is he!? 
Seriously?  Don't you just love him in everything he does!?
I think it'd be sweet to have him around the house.
It'd be like having an extra cute pet around all the time!  Ha!

Urkel.  Okay, I loved him as much as the next person back in the day..
but when it comes to sexy geeks, he's very, VERY, low on my list.
"Did I do that!?"
Hearing that repeatedly could turn any sane woman murderous, am I right!?

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  1. Bahaha!! Urkel! Omg, I'm dying....haha!! Yes, he must die. I'm also loving your other pics! Dr. Reid is SUPER sexy!

  2. This is a tough one! Hmmmmmmmm I think I'd Marry Gray and eff Steve Erkel and kill the guy in the middle who I don't find funny in movies. What love without humor? that guy doesn't make me laugh! LOL

  3. But did you take into consideration Urkell's alter ego? Stefan? I can't remember his name, but he was smooth!

  4. I adore Michael Cera! Juno? Best movie ever!

  5. Ummm ... can I eff & marry Mathew Gray Grubler and kill the rest? K. Thanks! :)

  6. I do my picks before I read yours BUTTTT you may have just become my favorite blogger for posting Dr. Spencer Reid ahhhh!!!

    Marry- Reid. Duh. I adore him.

    Eff- Michael Cera

    Kill- Urkel haha

  7. funny picks! i agree with your choices :)

  8. I love love LOVE this theme!!
    I'm a criminal minds addict and Dr. Reid is my fave so I'd probably have to marry him:) And Michael Cera is cute, but I would have to move him to the eff spot. But I would still off Urkel! He was just too annoying!

  9. Awesome!!! I would eff Michael Cera, marry Matthew Gray Gubler & kill off Urkel.

  10. Hahaha I like your list. I'd eff, marry, and kill in the same order :)

  11. juno is my favorite movie!

    I can kinda get into that list :D

  12. I love your picks! I love Michael, he is so sweet in all of his movies. I especially love him in Juno :)


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