Sunday, November 27, 2011

a dress for me

Sorry I haven't been around much...
Has anyone noticed!?
{I know Mama did... she tweeted me yesterday cuz I was MIA on Friday...
aren't bloggy buddies the best!?}

Life has been crazy this past week... such a LONG story!  :S
But... I'm back to the blogosphere,
abd I'm up at the crack of dawn on this beautiful Sunday morning hoping to catch up a little online!

I totally took advantage of eShakti's 50% Thanksgiving Sale this morning {nothing like last minute!}... 
and along with a coupon code for $20 off, I got this darling dress for $24.95!

I love EVERYTHING about this dress!  The color, the length, the draping. 
I'm sure I can wear it to work, or dress it up for a fancier function!

Made my day... and the day just started!  ;)

I am thinking I might try to talk the hubs into setting up the Christmas tree today...
We usually wait until AFTER Ruby's birthday, but since there is still NO snow here, I'd like the house to feel a little more festive!  Ruby was in our local "Parade of Lights" last night... it was nice that it was so "mild", but so weird that there wasn't a stitch of snow anywhere!  :S

Oooooh, I think I hear the pitter patter of little feet... looks like my day is officially about to start!
Hope all my American buddies had an awesome Thanksgiving {all the status updates and post on Thursday were making me VERY hungry!!}

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  1. awesome dress! forgiving and flattering all at the same time! genius. really pretty color too.
    I'm always afraid to order clothes online for fear of terribly estimating the size and having to deal with return hassles.

  2. OF COURSE I noticed. :) That dress is FABULOUS. :)


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