Thursday, November 10, 2011


I'm up way earlier than I need to be... again.
I think I dreamed of "blogging" all night...
Have you ever done that?
I'm working on a cute little 'project' with Cerrisse {in real life}, and {in my dreams} I kept coming up with great ideas!  I should have kept a notepad beside the bed... I was on a roll!!
I'm sure it'll come back to me at some point, but it's all a little foggy now! Darn it!

I also dreamed I was having brunch with Manda Jane and she told me I was much more interesting in person than I was on the blog!  I woke up a little while after that and wondered "is she right!?"... 

I know I have a lot to say, but I struggle with how much of my 'personal' stuff would interest my readers, y'know?  I sometimes draft a post, and then just save it.  Feels good to just get the words out.

I'm just a small town girl, with a lovely little family.  We're going through a weird time with our son right now, and it feels all-consuming at the moment...
I like to keep my posts fun, and I hope you get a feel of who I really am.

I may be near 250 followers now (yay me!), but I know that not every single one of them reads each & every post, but I do know that a bunch of you do!  I know that I have built some great {online} friendships, and I appreciate the comments & emails & friendly banter on Facebook & Twitter so much!
I wish we could all meet up for brunch someday, like... for reals!  ;)

Anyhoo, I just thought it was funny that blogging consumed my entire night!  Ha!
Now if I can just remember all those "great" ideas I had!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

I leave you with a cute pic of Ruby...
this is her punk rock ballerina look!  ;)

Jacket: great find at Winner's, Tutu: Cassabella Creations, Boots: Joe Fresh
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  1. I love to read your posts... and I know what you mean-- I too dream of blog post and posts for the magazine. I have all these great ideas swirling... it is just finding the time to get them out.
    I wish you and your family the best xoxo to you all.
    Warm Regards~

  2. your blog is lovely :) I love her outfit!

  3. great post! i often make drafts that never become published...but it feels good to just write. for awhile i struggled with what to write because i wanted to appeal to my readers. i became lost and forgot why i blog. i blog for me. i blog to write. to share.

    anyhoo. i love your blog ;)

  4. Love her little outfit!
    Are you Canadian? {Winners.Joe Fresh?}
    Me too! xo

  5. Okay, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does that. I always dream of blogging! I think it's because I read blogs right before I go to bed... it's kinda crazy!

  6. I *so* feel you:) You do a grand and fabulous job on this bloggy...I often think, "darn it, why didn't I write something like Lena did..." and at night I am consumed as well...and want to call all of you to tell me if my ideas are weird or a "that's a great idea".

    You have become a great bloggy friend...true awesomeness:)

  7. Ruby is awesome. I dream about blogging all the time, oh my.


  8. It's funny you say you were dreaming about blogging, I was thinking about it all night. I guess I am just excited! I am so glad that we have become friends, it would be AMAZING if all of our bloggy friends could meet up like you said. Thanks for being you Lena :)

  9. I dream of blogging too lol.

    pink rocker tutu is epic! :D

  10. My blogging dreams are always about the most beautiful concise well written post with perfect pictures but then when I wake up and actually try and blog it turns to drivel with a few crappy pictures, lol.

    I love Ruby's punk style - her expression is perfect!

  11. OH! I LOVELOVELOVE that you used 'for reals'. And I love that you feel the same as I do. And I LOVE that you have tattoos, and children, and love Etsy, and and and!

    I'm glad I've found you!

    I've been blogging for years but just finally brought everything together to one spot. I just added myself as a follower. I'd love it if you could follow me too!

    <3-Ashley Marie
    aka Chickadette


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