Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo! A Halloween Recap

What a fantastic Halloween!
We couldn't have asked for better weather last night, and the kids had a blast... they were so into it this year!

Ruby was especially excited and would be running door to door and knocking & ringing the doorbell practically at the same time.  I needed to remind her to "slow down."  But at least she was friendly.  Almost every house we went to, Ruby found a way to compliment whoever happened to open the door...

"I like your pretty hair"
"I love your little doggy"
"Nice costume"

And Memphis was awesome and would politely say "thanks & Happy Halloween!" after each treat was dropped into his bag!

I was a proud mama!

Memphis was a creepy, ghoulish skeleton...
and Ruby was a giraffe. With pink boots. Cuz that's how she rolls!

Even though the weather was nice, we only stay out for just over an hour.  The kids had had enough, it was starting to get cool, and they really wanted to get home and go through their "loot."  It was perfect... to them, it seemed like a mountain of candy!  But it definitely isn't "too much..."
Especially since I'm sure Daddy will be sneaking some of their treats when they aren't looking!  ;)
The last thing I need is Halloween candy to be laying around for another month or so!
The sooner it's gone, the better!

I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween!
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  1. Ruby's compliments remind me of our younger one, especially the "you have pretty hair" :) They look adorable!

  2. That giraffe costume is ridiculously adorable. I kinda want one in adult size! haha!

    Get Up & Go

  3. Ahh...so cute! I love the pics...her giraffe "pooch" is so precious :)

  4. Ruby looks so cute in her giraffe costume! I had many polite, sweet kids at my door last night - they definitely make handing out the treats a LOT of fun!! :)

  5. They are SOOOO cute! I love that Ruby is a little charmer! How sweet is that?!

    And my fav band is 311 so I love that second pic ;)

  6. So cute! I love your photo editing and collage, too. :) Hope you're having a great day, sweetie!

  7. Omg they are SOOO cute!
    Hope you guys had a blast!


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