Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birth(Day) of Giveaways ~ #6 PidgAPeg

 It's my birthday!
Can I get a "woot! woot!"

To help me celebrate, a few of my bestest bloggy buddies will be hosting birthday giveaways ALL DAY!

You are in for a really special treat with this next giveaway!
{p.s. you MUST follow this lady, she's the cutest!}


Hey I’m Andi {Pidg} from PidgApeg…so happy to be joining in on the party of celebrating Lena’s Birthday!  Whoo hoo!

I blog about a bunch-o-nothin’.  {wink} Really, you never know from day-to-day what the topic of my post will be.  I like to think I’m building suspense but in actuality I am an easily distracted girl sorely out-smarted and out-numbered by her kids!   In order to counteract that my therapy is having 3 shops on Etsy.

PidgApeg for the softer side of jewelry
PidgApeg OutLoud for affordable jewelry for tweens, teens and young adults
PidgApeg Cottage for homespun and prim crafts

With 3 shops, 6 kids and 1 amazingly tolerant husband life is full, life is fun, and about as loud-ish hyper as you can get!

Have a totally and completely WONDERMOUS Birthday Lena!

To further the celebration
{which in my opinion should all go to Lena but she’s nice and doing a massive giveaway thingy-do}
I’m putting up one of my necklaces from PidgApeg.  It’s a soft little number, with blush & cream glass pearls on brass chain with gold findings.

Good Luck!  
And thanks Lena for putting up with me! {grin}




Giveaway will run until Thursday, November 17th
and a winner will be chosen & announced Friday, November 18th

Mandatory Entry:

- Be a follower of Mom2MemphisAndRuby's blog & leave a comment with your most embarrassing birthday moment!

Extra Entries:

- Like Mom2MemphisAndRuby on Facebook, follow on Twitter (1 comment each)
- Follow Pidg's blog, Facebook & Twitter (1 comment for each)
- Blog, Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway

Good luck!


Don't forget to check back throughout the day for more awesome Giveaways!!
Just head to the main page on the blog and keep on scrolling!

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  1. I follow your blog! My most embarrassing birthday moment happens every year-- I hate when people sing Happy Birthday to me!

  2. I follow you on Twitter :) happy birrrrrthday!!

  3. I sent a follower request to Pidg!

  4. Hmmm most embarassing moment. Not sure that I have one. Maybe when my first boyfriend met my mother, yep it was my birthday so awkward. I follow you of course you're wonderful.

  5. My most embrassing bday moment would be when I was 13, and we were out for dinner and my great aunt gave me a gift that included things like pads and tampons... Thankfully I was only out with my family, but I was still really unsure what to say to her for about 10 minutes lol

  6. I follow...mine was when I was thrown a surprise 18th birthday. I cried I was so shocked! And refused to change when I was urged to so I was jeaning a turtle neck and awful jeans to a club. Oh to be 18 again!

  7. I follow your blog but I honestly can't think of any embarrassing birthday moments. Plenty of other embarrassing moments, though. :)

  8. I follow your blog Lena! I think the most embarrassing birthday moment would be the year that my bible talk was doing a fasting chain. It was my 25th birthday and my mom made a big party. My fasting day fell on my birthday and when I tried to trade days I was told that when you make a promise, you need to keep to your word. So I did. It felt right to me and so I did it. All night my mom kept asking me why I wasn't eating. Finally I had to tell her and everyone there. I was embarrassed but it was my choice to stick with it.

  9. I follow PidgApeg on twitter.

    Happy Birthday Lena!!

  10. I follow your blog and nothing comes right to mind but Im sure probably in high school.

  11. I follow Mom2MemphisAndRuby's blog and my most embarrassing birthday moment was when I was around the age of 12 (& easily embarrassed around all my COOL friends!) my mom had a video showing of me in the bathtub saying "All ceeen (clean) Mommy!" Cute now...not then! LOL

  12. I don't really have a most embarrassing moment - but I HATE people singing happy birthday to me! Especially at Mexican food restaurants, when they put the huge hat on you. EEEKK!!

  13. Beautiful necklace! I'm a follower and my most embarrassing Birthday moment...hmm...Well, I wasn't embarrassed at the time, but I am now when I think about it! I think it was the year I turned 10 or so, I made all my guests take part in my very own "band" - I made them all play instruments or back-up dance, while I lip-synced to my favourite songs. Talk about wanting to be the centre of attention! YIKES!! lol

  14. I follow your blog, but I can't really think of an embarrassing birthday moment. It wasn't embarrassing at the time, but when looking back it is embarrassing. I was around 5 or so and I didn't know any better.. my family always loved giving me these really awful hats, and I was tired of being forced to wear them.. so when my aunt gave me a sailor girl's outfit along with a hat I had had about enough with it and made a scene in front of all the party guests. Bet my mom was embarrassed.


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