Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what I Want wednesday

Today I share my totally selfish and greedy wishlist with you!

I want

A laptop
An iPhone
A nose piercing
A new tattoo
An awesome pair of brown boots
The perfect pair of jeans
A new winter jacket
A Kindle
A new camera, including a tripod & remote
A new minivan
{you know, I think I might actually feel cool driving around in one if it wasn't nearly 12 years old!}
A new sewing machine
A new outfit, head to toe, to wear to my cousin's wedding this weekend
A new TV
{we're still using our 27" JVC that we've had since we met... thing won't die!!}
The new Frocktober dress from ModCloth
{shipping to Canada is $50!  Not going to happen. 'sigh'}

These are mostly just things I daydream about in my head.
Not one is a "necessity" but they would all be lovely to have!

I think I could probably swing a new piercing or tattoo in the next little while though.
Maybe for my birthday?
Think I could rock a nose piercing?

Happy Wednesday!
What's on your Want list?

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  1. I think a nose piercing would look your going to be 32 not 18 :)

  2. Brown boots and jeans are on my list too! too bad all the boots I <3 are $100+ and no one makes jeans to fit my body :(

  3. Okay, I agree with EVERY SINGLE THING on this want list. I have ALWAYS wanted to get my nose pierced but don't think I could pull it off. And I DEFINITELY want a new tattoo. :)

  4. I have so many of the same things on my list. It was liking reading mine! :)

  5. I want most of your list! I have been wanting a tattoo for awhile now. Thinking of getting my sons name. And I think a nose piercing is so cute! I want one.

  6. I happen to like nose piercings, but maybe that's just me. ;)


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