Saturday, October 15, 2011


I've noticed a bunch of new followers over the past week or two, and I just want to say "welcome" to my tiny home in blogland!!

My name is Lena, I'll be 32 next month and I'm the mom of two crazy & adorable kids!
I love fashion, photography, entertainment, books, and... shopping!
I love DIY, but I SUCK at it... so I support handmade by buying other people's DIYs!  ;)

I do try to follow back as many as I can.  Every time I gain a follower, I think of it as gaining a chance to make a new friend... If I have missed you, just message me or add a link to your blog in the comment section!  Let ME know where I can find YOU.  :)

I'm here

If you're ever interested in being featured as a guest poster, or hosting a giveaway, just drop me a line to let me know...
We love having visitors here at Mom2MemphisAndRuby!

{p.s. Don't miss Melissa's stylish post from this morning... just scroll down to the last post to see her & her daughter working great little outfits!}

Right now,as a thank you, I'm hosting a fun 200+ Follower Giveaway... 
a $26 shop credit to Petite Delights,
and are lots of ways to enter!
Giveaway ends on Monday, October 24th... don't miss out!

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  1. Check me out! I redesigned my blog and am featuring my first giveaway, i'm just starting out but im working my way up in the blog world. You can find me on facebook and twitter <3

  2. I'm a new follower and just have to say that I'm loving your banner... it's so simple, yet so perfect. Thanks for the little introduction & I hope you're enjoying your weekend! :)


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