Saturday, October 22, 2011

a TUTORIAL courtesy of Cat @ Stuff I Love

Eek! I'm photographing my cousin's wedding today and I'm beyond nervous!
Cat from Stuff I Love graciously offered to hang out on the blog today so I could focus on getting ready for the wedding!
Since I suck at being crafty, I'm happy to have someone on the blog that can give y'all a great tutorial!
Check it out...
and thanks again, Cat!

Take it away!


Hi all!
I'm thrilled to be with you today.
In our house, we've already begun looking forward to Christmas.
My kids are so into the holiday that we've been super busy making crafts to give all our relatives for gifts.  This is our latest, and the kids' most favorite. 

Denim Pocket Note Holder

1) Cut the pocket(s) off an old pair of jeans, making sure to leave both layers intact. 
2) Have your kids decorate the pockets with fabric paint/pens, bits of ribbon, buttons or any other accessories you come up with.
3) Sew or hot glue a bit of ribbon to the inside back of the pocket. 
4) Fill with decorative scraps of paper and a nice pencil. 

Note:  This can be done with almost any heavy-fabric pants pocket.

Attach a longer ribbon (making sure to fasten one end to the front inside and one end to the back inside) to make a little purse.
                  Sew velcro to the inside front and back to hold coins or coupons.
                  Decorate 6-10 pockets and sew or glue to a large sheet of wood/fabric or poster board to make an odds-and-ends sorter (great for craft spaces and kids' rooms).
                  Sew or glue decorated pockets to the front of a plain canvas bag to make a trendy carry-all.



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Good luck!

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