Thursday, October 6, 2011

Splurge vs Steal

As I'm sitting here eating my breakfast before my littles wake up... I realize there are some things I will compromise on, and others that I absolutely WILL NOT.

For example, my breakfast this morning is toast with cheap 'no name' peanut butter...

I'll eat the cheap peanut butter and buy the cheapest mustard... but I will not buy generic or 'no name' brand ketchup.  It has to be the good stuff.

                                                                 Source: via Korey on Pinterest

Also, as a mother... I will never, ever again buy the cheap paper towels OR toilet paper.
Obviously, I try to get stuff when it's on a sale and stock up on these "necessities" when I can, but if it's an emergency and we've run out, and the good stuff isn't on sale... I'll get it anyway!

I'll try to save money when it comes to cat food (sorry, Otis!)... but I'm much more particular as to which brand of kitty litter I'll use!

I prefer to get the good stuff when it comes to laundry soap, but I'll don't mind skimping on shampoo.

I also try to buy a lot of second hand clothing for the kids... why not get them some cute stuff at ridiculously affordable prices, right?  BUT I will always buy them new winter boots... and will spend a small fortune on a good pair.  I don't want their little feet to cold, now do I?

What are some of the things you're willing to compromise on.
Are you picky... or will you buy just about anything for the right price?

Consider this my thought for today... ;)

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  1. I am with you with the peanut butter....tastes the same as the expensive stuff and it's usually like 4-5 bucks cheaper!! I'll ALWAYS buy brand name cheeze whiz! I'll by no frills brand bread and no name flour, I don't need to spend double the price for robinhood! I love second hand clothes but will always buy the same deoderant, even if it's the most expensive!

  2. I would never buy cheap peanut butter - I notice a big difference in taste! Kraft all the way! And KD has to be Kraft too. I definitely cheap out on toilet paper.

  3. LOVE this post. Try moving to another country and having to put up with whatever they have here. ;-) But, at least they have Heinz ketchup. New follower from Tag-Along Thursday! Nice to meet you. Can't wait to get to know you better!

  4. I am so backwards lol! I will totally buy no name for myself, but I get the good stuff for my dog haha. I also take food and toiletries from my parents to save money (they offer of course! bahaha).

  5. I am so picky with certain things. I will not buy my son walmart shoes but I will buy him clothes from Walmart. I wont buy off brand yogurt, salsa, or bread. I know I am kinda weird!

  6. Found you thru Miss Mommy’s Blog hop! I’m your newest follower! Sorry just passing thru, but can’t wait to sit down and look around! Have a great day!!


  7. I've got a quirky list like this, too!

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. haha it is SO true.. ketchup has to be name brand!! Although I like the organic one from Trader Joes too :)

  9. Totally generic on almost anything. Not on Dr. Pepper or Pibb. That is a "must be real" Dr. Thunder {Although I do feel like screaming that out in my mad scientist voice} Just can't drink it ;)

  10. KD and PB MUST be Kraft! I do love "no name" strawberry jam though.
    Coke must be Coke, not generic cola.
    Second hand clothes are fine, shoes/boots must be new. Coats can be hand-me-downs too.
    TP must be brand name, shampoo too but shaving cream is generic. Diapers are brand name, even when we used cloth we only bought certain brands but wipes are random.
    For most of our brand name purchases, though, we try our best to stock up when they're on sale so we never have to pay the full price.


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