Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Body

Why do I love my body?

Unfortunately there are numerous things I do NOT love abut my body... It ain't what it used to be, that's for sure.

I've birthed two babies.
Two beautiful people were made inside MY body.
My body kept them safe.
My body didn't let me down during labor either.
It's amazing.
I have a few stretch marks, but I'm not ashamed.
They are part of me now...
I got them for a pretty good reason!

My body also nourished my babies after they were born.
I am lucky to have nursed my babies for as long as they needed.
MY body produced milk for THEM.
I loved it.

I love my body most of all for this. It helped me become a mommy.

Also, after 15 years together, the hubs still thinks I'm sexy.
I love that he loves my body.
For better or worse, right?

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  1. body might not be the same as it was before might not be perfect, but it gave me two perfect kids, so i am not complaining!!!

  2. What a beautiful post- I love how you wrote that your body kept them safe- remarkable if you think about it! (P.S. I love nail polish too!)

  3. Beautiful post! It's amazing what our bodies can do when making the babies!

  4. So true! When we have children our bodies change so much! My husband still loves me saggy boobs, stretch marks and all! He says they are war marks, which sounds weird, but it makes sense. Great post! Heather

  5. I just love this. Our bodies are changed forever after children, but it's a beautiful thing.

  6. I love this! it's so great because so many women are so hard on themselves in general but especially after babies. It's so much better to appreciate what your body did for you :)

  7. Aren't husbands grand? My husband tells me daily how he loves my body. God love 'em.

    Thanks for sharing this. And we are all a work in progress on learning to love our bodies. Here's to that journey! Big hugs.


  8. It's amazing what a woman's body can do, isn't it? A few stretch marks is a pretty low price to pay for having two beautiful kids. I'm glad you realize this and embrace it!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  9. Thank you so much for this post! I was just sobbing over this last night with my husband. I am a young new mom and I am still getting used to the idea of not having my sexy young figure anymore. I definitely would do everything all over again to get my amazing baby. But I have a hard time loving my body right now. THANK YOU!!!


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