Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October


October means the start to a very busy 'season' for us!
Next week, my son turns 6 and we celebrate Thanksgiving...
then we celebrate our "first" anniversary on the 16th...
then it's Halloween...
Then it's November.
My birthday and the hubby's birthday.
Hello December!
Ruby's birthday... 
and then Christmas!

It's so much fun though!  And Fall is such a beautiful season here!
Today is definitely a cool, crisp Autumn day and I love it!
I'm hoping to get out soon to take photos of the changing scenery... but for now, I'm staying in.
Packing away all the summer stuff.  
Washing windows and scrubbing floors...
and rearranging the furniture.
I do that often, especially at the turn of the seasons.
I like a clean fresh start!
Happy October!

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  1. Oh I love Fall...I just wish it made me as productive as you! ;)


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