Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flirting with Temptation Thursday: Piercing!

As mentioned a couple times this week... via my blog and Facebook, and quite possibly Twitter... 
I'm itching to do something a little wild.

I'm thinking nose piercing... or a new tattoo.

The thing is, if I get a tattoo... it'll need to be tiny because I can't really afford or justify spending an obscene amount of money right now.  I don't know if a "tiny tattoo" would satisfy my 'craving' or just make it worse!?
Piercings are affordable, though.  ;)

Join me, and link up with Kori at Blonde Episodes
and let us know what you're flirting with this week!

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  1. I love nose piercings ( I've had mine for about 5 years now and still love it). Do it!

  2. I love nostril piercings! I've had my left nostril pierced twice and right nostril once. None of them healed right, unfortunately. But my septum piercing has been my best bud for over three years now. If you think your body won't reject it, do it! :) And if it does reject it, they don't really leave much of a scar. I can't see any on my nose, and I scar easily. :)

  3. Seriously if you lived anywhere near me I'd come pick you up and we'd go get our nose pierced right this very second! I've been wanting to do the same thing! I've had mine pierced twice... and I don't know why I ever took the piercing out the last time :( Nose piercings are SOO cute though. Peer pressure-- you need to do it!

  4. It took me all the guts in the world to finally get my ears pierced in the 9th grade...yes 9th. My hubby would love it if I had a small nose stud, but I could never do it!

  5. I think piercings are adorable! My sister has the cutest nose ring and stud above her lip. Love them!

  6. Love nose rings, especially the tiny little studs. So cute! You could totally pull that off Lena!

  7. I had my nose pierced for years and loved it! I had to take it out for a job I had and it grew back. :( Now, that I am a SAHM I am thinking I need to get it done again.

  8. I have had my nose pierced now for over 7 years now. I just love it I must admit. I however do not have the loop I just have a semi huge stud in mine ;)have a great day/night!

  9. do both! but.... save up for a tattoo that you'll absolutely LOVE. do the piercing now! :)
    I had my nose pierced for a few years and loved it. Only reason I had to take it out was that I stupidly switched it to an inexpensive (but super cute) post and it got infected :(
    I've thought a few times about redoing it but in the corporate world my tattoos are enough of a challenge for some of the "old boys" to overcome :)


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