Friday, October 28, 2011

Falling for New Friends

Hi everyone!
I'm participating in the Fall Followers Fest and I thought it would be a great opportunity to quickly re-introduce myself!

My name is Lena, I've been married for just over a year but have been with my sweetheart for nearly 15 years!  We met when I was 16, and 6 years ago we became a real family when our son, Memphis, was born.  Two years later, Ruby arrived and I am so happy that our beautiful family is complete!

For fun I blog {about my life, my kids, entertainment, fashion, photography...}, read, paint my nails, watch movies, play with my kids and window shop online {seriously, my Etsy cart is overflowing!}. 


Without a doubt, my favorite thing about blogging has been meeting some fantastic ladies along the way!
I'm happy to be linking up and possible not only gaining followers, but new friends too!

Speaking of new friends, I'd love to introduce you to Lynette!
She's a new bloggy buddy I've made recently, and she's just darling!
Don't forget to stop by her blog, I'll be guest posting there today too! Spread the love, and happy Friday!
Take it away, Lynette!


Hello lovely readers of Mom2MemphisAndRuby!
I am very excited to be guest posting because it is my first one ever!
My name is Lynnette and I blog over at Enchanted Aria

My name can translate into a few different things (depending on the language) and my favorite by far is a french translation I found saying that my name means *little dancer* which is me in a nutshell (well maybe a few more things added in) 

I love to dance and I definitely am little. I also am a lover of crafting and creating, music, blogging, and my high school sweetheart (check us out on the Dearest page of my blog!). I am new to blogging and am hoping I can one day be as followed as Lena! I am a freshman at Michigan State University (go green!) and am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (yes you read that right).
Some, if not most, of you may be thinking why that major? Easy, I love science, always have and always will. One day I hope to be a forensic scientist. Along with that aspiration I do wish to get more into photography and learn to play more instruments.

I am an odd individual but embrace who I am. I struggle with insomnia along with other issues. But that has never stopped me. I am very forgetful and I strive to be where I am at today. Come check out my blog, learn more about me and see what I can do! You will be surprised by this biochemists creativity <3

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  1. SO nice to meet you! Newest follower from the blog hop!

  2. cute, i'm stopping by from follower fest, i'd love for you to stop by my blog and checkout the huge giveaway going on- xoxo nicole

  3. Thanks for stopping by! You were smart in having a little into post for the followers fest today. It was a nice read :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! Your blog is adorable!

  5. 15 years?? That's amazing :) Loved learning a few new tidbits about you!

  6. Great blog - so nice to meet you! Love your childrens' names! From your newest follower :) x

  7. thought i'd stop over and meet you too! thanks for visiting my blog... i'll be following you now too :)


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