Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Ten { last 10 pins }

Linking up for the second week of Miss Mommy's Tuesday 10... come join in on the fun!

Miss Mommy

This week I'm sharing my latest 10 pins
{as of right now, of course, since there will be more pinning done in the very near future!!}
{you can follow me on Pinterest here and if you're not on it yet... let me know and I can send you an invite!  So awesome!!}

10. boots by TOMS

9.  Perfect outfit

8.  Johnny Depp - quote

7.  Quote about 'friends'

6.  Shoes I ♥

5.  Cool bookshelf

4.  Christmas Funny

3.  Another great quote

2.  Another fabulous outfit

1.  Something that just made me giggle...
And there you have it.
About 10 minutes worth of me pinning away on Pinterest!
and let me know if you're as addicted as I am...
I'd love to follow you!

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Great pins, I'm still getting used to Pinterest, keep forgetting about it and then have mad moments pinning everything I see!

  2. Those heels are amazing, seriously! And I so love me some Johnny Depp. ♥

  3. It was my first time linking up to Pin It Tuesday too and so glad I did....I am a newbie to Pinterest, it's only been a few weeks but I am pretty much obsessed. Love it. I also love that we had one of the same pins...the amazingly cute bookshelf. And our taste in clothing is pretty similar. Will definitely find you on Pinterest and feel free to find me too....Elizabeth Dodds. :)

  4. I love the Christmas Funny! So true!

  5. Haha! The Santa sign had me laughing then I saw the Doritos one! We have a lot of those who rolled in Doritos out here!

  6. Love the Johnny Depp quote, and it makes sense in an odd kind of way! :-)

  7. Toms and Boots....SINCE WHEN????. I need those! Thanks for linking up girl :) xx


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