Monday, September 5, 2011

miscellany monday :: the fair ::

1. My little adrenaline junkie
Without a word of a lie... Ruby must have gone on this particular ride at least 2 dozen times... and of course... she wanted to be at the back!  She talked me into going on it a few times with her, and even my knees were wobbly at the end of it! 


She also went on this ride, oh... 20 times or so... IN A ROW!  The lineup wasn't long, so she'd get off and get right back on.  It was so cute!  She couldn't get enough of it!

2.  My little gamer
Memphis isn't a huge fan of the rides... but he sure loves to waste our money and play games!


3.  Fair food!
What's a fair without cotton candy and beaver tails!?!

4.  Animals
These furry friends are always a big hit with the kids...
...and the kids even had the chance to milk a fake cow! lol!!

5.  Getting stuck in the Amazing Maze of Mirrors with my son... priceless
{apparently we both suck at directions! lol!}

Aside from losing Ruby on the first night...  we had a great time!!

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  1. OMG Reagan & I got stuck in the mirror maze too...I have NO sense of direction at all!

  2. Looks like you had the BEST time at the fair. Kind of sad I didn't make it to one this year. On another note what a cute blog of yours. Following :)


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