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Meet Amber of Sneakers Over Stilettos!

Hi everyone!

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Today I'm super excited to introduce you to Amber of Sneakers Over Stilettos!
I discovered her blog pretty recently, but I think she's beyond cute and just overall... really, really, really awesome!  How cute are her kids!?  Seriously... girl makes pretty babies!!


My name is Amber I am the face behind Sneakers Over Stilettos. I am a girly girl. I wear dresses just about everyday, even in the winter. I am Mama to Ethan and Peyton. Wife to Jason. I have a background working in Fashion, but made the switch to Photography in January. If I didn't have a really big weakness for cupcakes I most likely would not ever work out. That's me in a nutshell I hope you will come and check out my blog! 

 1. Why did you start blogging?  And what have you gained from it?
I started blogging because after a few months of reading other blogs, I decided I wanted to join this world too. All the amazing blogs I had been reading seemed to have so much fun creating, writing, and playing with photography. It also looked like a great motivator to start doing more with Ethan and Peyton. Through blogging I have gained a more confidence. A new way to view the world. Everything I do, could be my next blog post. I never feel alone when I am having a bad day. My photography skills increased so much. And I have met so many great new friends. I feel like I am back in elementary school sometimes and I have all these great pen pals!

2. Tell us something you're passionate about:
I live for fashion. I love being around it anyway I can. Even when I would just dress the models backstage at fashion shows, I felt so happy to be there. I wish I had more time to work in the fashion world a little more, but its a little tough with two little ones.

3. Share a funny or embarrassing story about yourself:
Oh wow well the most embarrassing story I can think of would be when I was pregnant with Ethan. There was one day when I was running very late, and had to get to work. When I got there I was very late. My boss just looked at me funny but did not say anything. I figured maybe he was taking pity on the fact that I couldn't move to fast. I went on with my day, and to me it was a good day. Until I bent over a table to grab a top for a customer and I let one go... and being 7 and half months pregnant it unfortunately was not discreet. Everyone stopped and looked at me. In horror I burst into tears and waddled to the washroom to compose myself. It was then that I saw why I was getting so many strange looks earlier. Not only had I worn two different shoes, but I also had put my maternity pants on backwards! Why had no one said anything! I came out and my boss told me I could go home if I liked. I of course jumped on that chance. Walking home I was still very upset of course and I wasn't really paying attention and I tripped on my own foot and feel into a puddle! Thankfully no one saw this one! I got home and went back to bed till Jason came home and I told him what happened, he didn't believe me. He kept laughing and saying that it must not have been that bad. I was not impressed by his reaction { note to all you expectant dad's never laugh or giggle in front of the Mama to be, we will never think its funny until the pregnancy is over }. I am now able to laugh at myself and see the comedy in this mortifying day.
4. What are some of your favorite blogs to read, and why?
Oh wow there are so many to choose!  

When it comes to Mama bloggers I like to read:

Bringing Up Bumble because I think the posts are so sweet and kind.

She breathes Deeply because I love how passionate she is her belifes and how honest she is about not finding motherhood easy all the time.

Tart because I think her photos are amazing, and I find her to be very relatable.

When it comes to fashion I love to read:

Sea of Shoes, I so wish I could spend a day going through Jane's closet. She finds the coolest, quirkiest things!

Mariannan, is so adorable, and puts together such simple but pretty outfits.

Keiko Lynn, has my favorite hair and make up tutorials.
5. Share your favorite post you've blogged about:
That's a tough one, I am very proud of a lot of my post, but my most current favorite post is my post about me feeling over whelmed with stress. I think with blogging it is easy to appear perfect to your readers. I received so many great emails after this post. I am so glad I showed this side of me, and it has encouraged me to show my not so perfect side a little more. The last thing I want to do is make it harder for other Mamas and make them feel inadequate because I ''appear'' to be so composed all the time. You can read the post here.
6. Advice to anyone new to blogging:
Be proud of what you publish, try not to worry or stress to much if others will like your posts. I try and write with Ethan and Peyton in mind, for an online babybook sort of idea. Something that when they have kids of their own they could look back to for advice if they chose to.

Try and find something that another blog might not be doing, or if they are give yours a unique name. I recently started a series called style bakery, where I take something I never wear in my closet into something new.

Support other bloggers and they will support you in getting your blog seen more. Its all about paying it forward!
Thank you so much for reading about me. I hope you will come and see my blog.

And thanks Lena for featuring me!


A big thank you to Amber for stopping, and being so wonderfully honest!
{the embarrassing moment literally made me LOL}

Stop by her blog and say "hello" and join me in checking out the other mama & fashion blogs she mentions!
Great opportunity to meet some new people!

If you're interested in being featured, guest posting or offering a giveaway... let me know!
I'd be happy to have you!

Have a great day!
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  1. Poor thing! That is a mortifying embarrassing moment :( Off to check out her blog now!


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