Friday, September 2, 2011


We headed over to the local fair yesterday evening... it was tons 'o fun.
{more on that later!}
Except for part, right at the end, where we lost Ruby.

We found a quiet little place to sit down and enjoy a beaver tail before heading home. 
All was well.  
Hubs got up to throw our garbage away, Ruby followed him.... 
The garbage can was literally 6 feet away from us!

He ran into a friend... but wasn't gone for more than a couple of minutes.

He gets back to us and says  "Where's Ruby"... "I thought she was with you!?"
{NEVER want to hear those words again!}

We just took off & started looking for her.  

Luckily, there was a security guard RIGHT THERE. So I gave him her description {again NEVER want to have to do THAT again, either}. I had Memphis with me... Hubs took off in the other direction and just, JUST before I started to panic.... we found her.

She had taken off towards the midway again, but a relative of ours spotted her alone & stayed with her.

She hadn't gotten very far, and although it seems like that moment lasted forever, it was probably less than 2 mins.  It all happened very fast!

Hubby was the one who spotted them, he picked her up, found the a security guard to inform them we'd found her, and then gave her to me.  I didn't want to let her go.
I couldn't even be angry.

We had a happy ending!

Happy ending.

I'm not surprised, though.  I'm always so hyper-vigilant when I'm out with Ruby because she's just so care-free and oblivious to the dangers of wandering off alone.  My son was always the cautious one... Ruby just doesn't understand "why" she can't go off alone, or walk on the "big road" and or run around in a parking lot... yes, she's a handful!  
And yes, we had a long talk!
Unfortunately, I don't think this situation brought her any closer to understanding.
She wasn't gone long enough to be "scared," so in her mind, she still doesn't understand why we were so upset when we couldn't find her.
The first thing my son said was "Ruby, you had me worried sick!"
So, he gets it.

Talk about a stressful way to end our evening... 
I promise, other than that... we had a GREAT time! ;)

We're heading back to the fair at some point this weekend, I might just put a leash on her!  haha.  
Just joking... sorta.  ;)

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  1. Glad Ruby was found quickly, safe & sound!! Saw her bouncing at the end of that big jungle gym thing, and looked like she was trying to go up the slide...haha!! Too cute!!

  2. How scary. Wow. So glad that you found her quickly, safe and sound. :) So glad to see that was a happy ending.

  3. I'm so glad she was found so quickly. That is one of my biggest fears. Phew, yay for Happy Endings!


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