Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm THAT sort of Mom...

I'm the Mom

... who gained nearly 80lbs during her first pregnancy!
... who bought a ton of baby name books, and ended up using names they had already picked out!
... who breastfed her babies longer than some people ''thought'' she should
    (18 months for my son, 20 months for my daughter)
... who co-slept with her babies, and still lets them crawl in bed with her if they want
... who takes a ridiculous amount of pictures of her kids
... who rubs her kids feet with Vicks VapoRub or Wild Oil of Oregano when they have a cold
... who will spit on a tissue and use it to clean up their faces if a cloth or wipe isn't available
... who starts saying ''Santa is watching you!'' by the end of summer
... who will pay $500 for dance lessons because it will make her daughter happy
... who will bring in a 'reptile zoo' (with REAL snakes & lizards, folks!) for her son's
    birthday because it will make him happy
... who lets her kids eat leftovers for breakfast if that's what they want
... who blows kisses to her daughter through the window at daycare
... who bought Depsicable Me, Tangled and Megamind on DVD because she knew she would
    enjoy them even if the kids didn't
... who brings her kids for yearly medical & dental checkups
... who bribes her kids to brush their teeth
... who uses real words to explain body parts to her kids
... who usually ends up picking up *most* of the mess once the kids are finished playing
... who sends them for a sleepover & then wishes they were back home with her
... who trusts her instincts (and is usually right!)
... who tells her kids they can be anything they want (except for anything dangerous!!) 
... who has a daughter with a better wardrobe than she does
... who isn't afraid to act silly in front of her kids
... who encourages her kids to be 'unique'
... who teaches her kids that being different is OKAY
... who tries to lead by example
... who sometimes think she has no idea what she's doing
... who hasn't been out in ages because she prefers staying in with her littles
... who buys (or gets someone else to make) their Halloween costumes
... who goes to every daycare/ school function she's invited to
... who goes on field trips every chance she gets (or finds a someone to go in her place)
... who doesn't let her kids play outside alone
... who does more than a dozen loads of laundry a week
... who wakes up BEFORE the kids on the weekend, so she can enjoy an hour or so of QUIET
... who will ask for advice, but not always take it!

Whoa!  Sorry, that was pretty long winded!  Guess I'm the sort of Mom that could talk forever about her kids!
What kind of Mom are you?  I always say "trust your instincts" and do what feels right for you & your family.  What works for one, might not work for the other, right?  Even kids are different, and I tend to tweak my parenting style to what each of my kids *need*  :)

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  1. Aw...That was a really neat post! I think you are a great mom! xo

  2. What a wonderful list of mummyness!

    I'm sure I have either done or will do all those things, much better to be able to say your a mum who does rather than doesn't. (unless the doesn't things are stupid and dangerous)

  3. I'm with you on the Santa threat. I am already using, "I'm sending Santa a text." My oldest is in 3rd grade so I know my days of using that are numbered!

  4. i'm your newest blog follower. found you thru soleil selene! HELLO!

  5. Nice to meet you :) Here from the Soleil Selene blog hop!

  6. I'm reaching 20 months with my son now! Did yours wean themselves or did you initiate weaning?

    New follower from the Soleil Selene Blog Hop!

  7. Thanks for the follow! I'm followin' ya right back!

  8. Lena, this is so sweet! I personally love long-winded as you know ;)

  9. I love this kind of mom. ;) You rock, mama!


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