Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awards Are Awesome

Everyone deserves a little recognition... for whatever it is they do.
I blog. 
I'm blogging more & more.
And I hope I'm getting better at it... ;)

Over the past little while, I've been given a few awards from fellow bloggers... and I just haven't had a chance to respond to any of them.  I wanted to do it right.

Since I'm home for the day with a sick kid {she's curled up on the couch watching The Wonder Pets right now}, and I'm sick of cleaning & disinfecting... I thought it would be a good opportunity to give thanks and tackle these awards!

About a week or so ago, Nay over at Cover to Cover...and Everything in Between bestowed upon me 
One Lovely Blog Award

The rules are:
1.Share 7 facts about yourself
2. Award another 15 blogs with the award

Here it goes:

1. My middle name is Margaret
2. My paternal grandmother was born in Wales, England and I hope to travel there one day.
3. I rarely drink alcohol... I don't like the taste of it, and I get tipsy VERY quickly.
4. I breastfed my babies for a total of 38 months... that's over 3 years!! I loved it!
5. I love talking about baby names... sometimes I think I want another kid, just so I can have fun naming him/her! {Right now my faves are Olive for a little girl, and Knox or Maverick for a boy!}
6. I hate cleaning, but I get stressed very quickly when the house isn't "tidy"
7. The last movie I saw at the theater was "Winnie the Pooh"... I don't get out much!  ;)

Wow, now I have to award 15 blogs... how do I narrow it down!?
Here are some lovely, lovely blogs that all deserve a little recognition... check them out if you're not already following them!

PidgAPeg ... who, by the way, gave me this award:

The rules for this one are similar...

1.Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2.Seven facts about yourself 
3.Pass award to 5 NEW blogs

Thank you sooooo much for this!
I really, really appreciate the time you take to peak at my blog... the fact you enjoy it, and like me, enough to give me an award is amazing!
Lots of LOVE from me to you!!

I'm not overly exciting, and can't really think of 7 new interesting facts about me, so please see above!

I would love to share The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award to

That was hard!  I read soooo many great blogs, and have come to know soooo many cool & interesting ladies!

Congrats to all the "recipients!"

Spread the love!

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  1. Thank you sweet girl for giving me an award! That really just made my day :)

  2. {kisses} and {hugs} Miss Lena! Thanks so much for awarding the Sweet award:) This would be my second time getting it (so cool!) and I awarded it to Pidg who awarded it to you - Don't you love the deliciously vicious cycle?!Love ya - sweet hugs to the little one at home - remember the BRAT diet (bread, rice, apple sauce...and I can't remember T) to settle the tummy-tum...

  3. Thanks for the award Lena! Congrats on your two awards as well.

  4. Thank you so much for the awards! And congrats on having received them! You def deserved them!

  5. As you know, I already think you're kids have some of the coolest names ever. If you had another baby and named him MAVERICK...well, then, you'd just be over-the-top. I would be in awe. ;)

  6. Thanks for the recognition, sweetie! I appreciate you sharing the bloggy love. :)


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