Saturday, August 6, 2011


Here are a couple recent photos I've taken with the Canon Rebel EOS Digital I'm borrowing...

{if you're not up on my news... I've decided to say YES and photograph my cousin's wedding! i figure if I can at least get a dozen or so "really special shots" then it was worth it!  wish me luck!}

Now it's important to note that these were all taken on AUTO and in total "I have no idea what I'm doing" fashion.  Oh, and of course... I've Picniked them as well!  I've dug out the manual and will be doing my homework, though!  If you have any quick tips you can pass along, please, please, please don't be shy!! 

Linking up the last photo, of our little Otis, to The Paper Mama for this week's challenge... Whatever!

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  1. Wow! those look so good. I think you will do such a great job :)

  2. You know you have a creative mind when you randomly photograph a stack of pancakes...and you've now made me crave pancakes this morning.

  3. Your photographs are beautiful, I'm sure the wedding photos will be amazing

  4. I want a pet enjoy a stack of pancakes...are those fresh flowers I smell?...feel cool water between my toes...etc., etc. You know you've taken a great string of pictures when the viewer goes off on a rant like that!

    Visiting by way of the paper mama. Stop by sometime and say hello...



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