Friday, August 5, 2011

True Life: I'm a General Life Blogger!

Linking up with Fabulous But Evil & Mrs Monologues for their new link up party!
This week features General Life Bloggers... and I *think* this is where I fit it!

I'm a mom of 2.
I'm interested in fashion, photography and DIY... except I usually buy DIY's that someone else has made!  ;)
I LOVE thrifting and getting good deals!  
I love meeting new people, hosting giveaways & winning them too! lol

I started blogging ages ago, it seems... but just recently got into the swing of it!  

On my blog I share stories about me & my family, funny things I find on the net, music I'm enjoying, clothes I'm crushing on... anything that I feel the "need" to document!
I'm having a blast looking back at some of my fave posts!

{for example, this is sorta what I do on here}

I'm hoping someday I'll find my "niche"... but until then I'm having tons of fun with what I'm doing now!
I hope y'all stick around to check me out!
I also really love discovering new blogs... so let me know where I can find you!
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  1. Thanks for visiting and following! Can't wait to see which oxfords you choose and how you style them.


  2. Ahh I have those shoes in your blog header. I seriously had to follow just for that- TWINS! But honestly, I love this post and your blog. Cannot wait to read more. I am a sucker for DIY projects too!

    -Sarah from

  3. SO glad you decided to link up and I was able to find your blog. So excited to read more. I love DIY too, but I suck at it when I try.

  4. i wish i was good at diy. but things i do myself generally suck. =/


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