Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Thought For Thursday {5}

                                                                                  {Source: via Lena on Pinterest}

I've super self-conscious about my weight lately.
This is the heaviest I've ever been "not-pregnant"...
BUT, at the same time, it's not even about "weight" for me.  I really just want to be in better shape and be as healthy as I can be... and not get any bigger.  ;)
I just feel that whenever I run into someone I haven't seen in a while they're probably saying "Whoa!  Lena has really let herself go!"
Not cool.
It's important for me to make sure my kids know that it's not our size that makes us beautiful AND how important it is to be healthy. Especially my daughter.  Girls & women have enough pressure these days to be "perfect"... 'sigh'
I want her to be happy and have a healthy body image.
I must set the example!
I am beautiful.
You are too!

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  1. I hear ya, sister. I'm the same with N and wanting to be a good example for her!

    Thanks for linking up, friend. :)

  2. Powerful Post! And just by writing this you are empowering your daughter:)
    Good job:)

  3. Love the Marilyn Monroe messages of inspiration - wish she was around to make people listen today! My size and body image are a constant battle for me. I hear you.


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