Sunday, August 7, 2011

SOOC { Stop }

Wow... I guess Sunday is the day for photography posts!
I'm linking up with as many blogs as I can.  I'm trying to practice, practice, practice my photography and gain as many photo tips & comments as I can.  

This morning, I discovered Jan over at Murrieta 365 and her Straight Out of the Camera Sunday link up!
I think this is a great thing!
Here is my entry for an un-tweaked photo, straight from my camera!

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  1. I just started participating in SOOC myself awhile back. There's always so many entries for these theme days, one cannot comment on all of them, or at least do so and still have some sense of a life. But, your stop sign shot really caught my eye. Pretty neat. A perfect SOOC image. Well done.

  2. Great angle! Looks like someone is trying to 'STOP' the clouds:)

  3. Thanks for joining in, today. Wonderful photo of an everyday object; love the perspective. I've always thought stop signs make great subjects. This one is so worn, it may be replaced soon. You captured it just in time.

  4. Loving the cracks on the stop sign! nice shot!


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