Thursday, August 25, 2011

Small Style {Little Model Lady}

My friend Jen, who blogs over at Our Small Town Life, is a SAHM and has started her own little business... Cassabella Creations, was kind enough to ask ME to photograph some of the new items she's been working on for her shop...
I must say, she showed up with an adorable basket FULL of goodies!
The deal was, if Ruby would help "model" some of the stuff.. she'd get to keep a couple things...
Well, we didn't have to ask her twice!

Everything she's wearing (hair accessories, dresses & skirts)\ is from Cassabella Creations, except for the shirt which is from Small Beans

This was a lot of fun & something Ruby and I really enjoyed doing together!  
Ruby was a big fan of all of Jen's pieces!  
{She chose to keep the cute outfit in the top right corner!}

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