Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Style... and a thought for a Thursday

For our 'date' to see Winnie The Pooh last week (on a chilly day), Ruby wore:
Sweater: Gap
Jeans: 77 Kids
Shoes: Puma

For daycare, on a rainy (but warm) day:
Tee: Gap
Shorts: Joe Fresh
Sweater: Joe Fresh (that is at least 1 size too small, but she refuses to let go of it!!)
Shoes: her trusty Pumas

And lastly, a normal day at home finds Ruby in either her underwear, a bathing suit or...
A princess dress
"Santa" scored this one at a toy sale last year for $10!!

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and for today's thought...

Which I think is great advice.  I also believe that you will rarely regret "trying" something... but you will always regret "not trying," right?

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  1. A fellow Small Styling Canuck (I'm assuming by the Joe Fresh duds)! I love Joe Fresh. Such stylish little tings. And so wallet friendly!
    The jeans in the first picture are great! I could use a pair cut like that for me.

  2. Love Ruby's style! I think that sweater looks just fine - a 3/4 quarter length sleeve is totally in. ;)

    Thanks for linking up, mama!

  3. That last picture of her is too amazing.. adorable!

  4. Ruby is adorable - and has great style!! ;)
    PS - gave you an award on my blog today!!

  5. Congrats on your Versatile Blogger Award! Isn't Jill AWESOME?! We both won!

    We should have a party! LOL...

  6. Such a sweet little one! Can't wait to see what pieces of clothing my little girl refuses to let go of!

  7. She is so cute, I love her style. Those umbrella poses are just the cutest!

  8. I'll take one of everything in her wardrobe. She's a sweetie pie :).

  9. She's a doll! And, I really wish we could have just one chilly day. :(

  10. oh my gosh CUTE! love what she's wearing and her little face :)

  11. I love cuffed jeans on kids and that shot in her princess dress is adorable.


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