Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Shopping Recap

Yesterday, I took the day off work to head to the city with my sister... and my son... to do a little back to school shopping.  
Poor kid is growing like a weed, and none of his good jeans fit properly anymore.
So off we went!

As we headed out, I noticed my son was looking a little pale.  And he was coughing alot!  
I figured he must be starting a cold, and I didn't want him to be miserable all day long, so we stopped at Walmart, got some meds and away we went.

20 minutes or so later I'm dealing with a sick kid.
As in 'throwing up in a bag we found in the backseat kind of sick.'
Oh no.
Do we turn around?  We're almost half way there (FYI, we live in a small town and it takes us about an hour to get to a decent mall for these types of shopping excursions)... what do you do?
He assured us he felt better... so we continued on.

He definitely did perk up after this!  Phew!
Aside from the clothes shopping we did, he also had fun checking out...

the pet store

the rides

and Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, which according to Memphis ''is the awesomest store ever!''

oh, and I found an adorable jacket for Ruby that he volunteered to try on to make sure it would fit... he promised he would even pose like her so we'd know what it would look like... haha!

 And this is what we have to show for it!

 It was a great day out with my little guy... I think he did remarkably well for someone who was feeling 100% 
And I'm soooo happy with the little treats I got for myself too... I found a pair of flare jeans AND an awesome belt... more on those another time!

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