Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Lunches... ideas!?

Memphis starts school tomorrow!!
Whoa... this is really happening!  Yikes!

I ran to the grocery store today to pick up a few things for his lunch... and realized that I really had NO idea what I should be sending. 
He's really not a picky eater, and he loves all the good stuff like veggies & fruit, etc... so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with some fun lunches for him... should it?

Well, I'm stumped.
Tomorrow he's getting a wrap, some fresh berries, veggies and some strawverry/yougurt flavored cookies...
It's a peanut-free school this year due to allergies, so I know that's something I'll have to keep in mind too.

What do you send with your kids for lunch?
Any favorite recipes, or cool ideas?
please share!!

I'm so new to this 'school' thing! lol

The daycare has been providing him such wonderful meals the last 5 years (seriously, I should post their menu, it's amazing!),  I want to offer him something just as yummy...

I'm sure he'll be working up quite the appetite, and I want him to be happy when he opens his little Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern lunch box every day!

Thanks for your input, ladies!  I can use all the help I can get!  :)
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  1. Being that I am a mom, I am not the best to ask for advice lol...BUT do you guys have Uncrustables in your stores? They have them in the States and are so good. It's PB&J (or PB& honey, my fav ;) that you put in the freezer. Then you take them with you to school/work/wherever and they defrost and you eat them :)

    P.S. Thanks for signing up for the swap! I really appreciate the support :D

  2. I make snacks and goodies from deceptivly delisous by Jessica Seinfeld all the time for my picky eater!

  3. PB and J is the easiest but in a peanut free environment, that's a no-no!

    Wraps are good - the possibilies are endless.

    You can make homemade Lunchables - cheese, crackers and cold meat

    Here is good ole Kraft Canada's Lunch Box Solutions:

  4. We're going through the same thing. My daughter is only 4, but she will be eating lunch in school. My friends & I have been asking each other for ideas. Her school is also nut free. My daughter is soooo picky. I read about doing cream cheese & jelly on bagels or bread, instead of peanut butter. I was just looking through this site & she has some good ideas (my daughter won't eat most of it). http://bleubirdvintage.typepad.com/blog/kiddo-lunch.
    Also check out the muffin tin Mondays on blogs for ideas.

  5. I am so completely with you Lena! It is terrifying. I thought I knew something about food but I stood in the grocery store today stunned. Maureen has spoiled us! Jasmine requested carrot salad with raisins, olives, cream cheese and jam on bread (not a croissant, her words), and crackers and cheese. I also saw those stainless steel thermos' that keep things warm or cold for hours. Does that mean I'm supposed to give her a hot lunch?
    Still Stunned!

  6. I hate making lunches! Mackenzie loves cheese whiz sandwiches! Lots of fruit. I often make her home made lunchables - those are a hit! I'd like to get her a thermos so she can take soup or spaghetti or something hot. She does get hot lunch about twice a week which is also great. Burritos on Thursday are apparently delicious....according to her!


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