Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Love all the practice I'm getting, and the prompts are so random it really makes me think about what I'm going to do! 

Against The Light
the light coming through a tree in our front yard yesterday morning

Frame Within A Frame
Ruby being silly on the stairs

Best Part Of Your Day
A  hot cup of tea always starts my day the right way

A pair of "Bitten" shorts I thrifted, that I haven't had a chance to wear... since they're missing half the buttons
{I"ll get around to this button project eventually}

I immediately thought of tattoos, since hubby is covered in them, and I have a few... but I caught sight of our artists' business card and thought... aha!

Linking up over with Ashley over at Ramblings And Photos for

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  1. My goodness, I love tattoos... I had a photographer I begged to take pictures of mine (I can't - they're on my back). How do you avoid the glare? The frame shot of Ruby is cool. Would love to see what you do with the thrift find.

  2. lovely interpretations :) your 'agains the light' is so beautiful!! the tattoos scare me a little, must be so painful! I've tons of moles and freckles, don't think it would be wise to pinch them with a needle, lol :) but I've to agree with you, there are very nice tattoos out there. once I saw a girl with two blue wings tattoed on her back, I was too shy to ask her to take a shot but the image stayed with me. the details were amazing. the 'splash pad' looks fun :) glad the kids enjoyed themselves and you had the chance to share a few shots.

  3. So glad you linked up - what a beautiful set. I love the tones in the first image...and that business card is very cool.

  4. Love the entire set! The colors in the first photo are absolutely beautiful!

  5. Great work. I love your first shot, great light

  6. Against the light and ink are wonderful shots - i thought of tattoo as soon as I saw ink also!

  7. Great set, love your against the light and buttons, the texture and colours in both are gorgeous!


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