Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Darlings! ::and a winner!!::

The kids were being especially cute last night, and were practically begging for me to take their picture!
It all started when my son used 2 of his "pet snakes" to make a heart!  He was so proud.  He told me that meant the snakes were married!  lol

I usually dress my  kids very well.  I swear!
But on 'daycare days' they wear stuff that is cute BUT durable... and nothing that I would be heartbroken if they came home forever-stained or ruined.

Memphis is wearing a graphic tee... cuz that's how he rolls!
Ruby is also wearing a graphic tee and the cutest pants ever!  ;)
...and, as usual, Memphis ended up in only his undies after awhile, these were from 77 kids.
Oh, and Ruby is wearing OPI nail polish in "Eiffel For This Color" cuz she's such a diva!
Linking up for the first time with

 ...and congrats to Jill, who was comment #12 {my lucky number!!}.
You've won the Turquoise Rosette Necklace from Soleil Selene!  Lucky Duck!  Please send me your info asap, so that I may pass it along!

Thanks again to Leilani for offering us such a beautiful prize!  And to everyone who didn't win... chin up!  There's always next time!
{keep your eyes peeled next week, another fun giveaway is in the works!  you'll LOVE it!}
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  1. glad that you linked up to Small Style. I can tell I'm going to like your blog!
    And from now on, I'll be on the look out for heart forming snakes and know that they are married.

  2. Chonies and a tee is usually the way my little guy rolls too. They are cute kids, seems like they have lots of personality and well, that's cool.

  3. Your kiddos are too cute!!

    And congrats to the winner :)

  4. HOLY SMOKES!! I finally won!! YAY!!!! This is my very first giveaway win!! I'm so excited!! Thanks again for hosting it, Lena, can't wait to see my new necklace!!!

  5. Congrats, Jill! You will LOVE the necklace! :)

    And the "daycare days"? Totally. We do the same thing with N. Your kiddos are so precious!

  6. hey, and she has her nails painted...very cute! I love!

  7. so cute. I honestly love those undies ;) and I have the same color polish !


  8. Oh, those two are so adorable! I love the heart snakes. What a sweetheart! And, I absolutely LOOOVE the names Memphis and Ruby!

    Thanks so much for joining in with Small Style! We LOVE having you and your cuties!

  9. I love their kiddy style. Nothing beats undies in nail polish in our house either.


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