Monday, August 15, 2011

Man Candy Monday

Ryan Kwanten

As you may know, I'm a huge True Blood fan and I have a total crush on Eric  Alexander Skarsgard... but Jason Ryan Kwanten has slowly been sneaking up on my hottie radar. Maybe cuz his character is finally showing some maturity & depth, and is no longer just the ''highly-sexed heartthrob of Bon Temps''... 
I dunno, whatever it is... he's a cutie no doubt. 
Come to think of it, he is a bit of a bad boy on the show... funny I haven't crushed on him sooner!

Name: Ryan Christian Kwanten

Birthday: November 28, 1976

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
(so he's got a cute accent to boot!!)

Most know for: 
Playing Jason Stackhouse on HBO's True Blood
(and he also voiced the owl Kludd, in The Owls of Ga'Hoole... a big movie in our house)

Upcoming Roles:
Ryan will play 'Joe' a lead in Joe Lynch's upcoming movie The Knights of Badassdom
Check out the trailer here:

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  1. LOL! We know him better as Vinny from Home and Away, who knew he'd go from surfer dude beach bum to panther lovin' heart throb!

  2. I just started watching True Blood last week on my holidays! I'm half-way through Season 1 and I really WANT to like Jason ('cause he's HOT) but he's such a jackass!! LOL Glad to hear he's eventually going to mature...I'll keep watching! ;)

  3. LOVE men with accents. They make me weak in the knees!!!

  4. Jason was my main crush when I first started watching True Blood, but I'm all Eric now!!
    Although I'm super excited about what's to come with Jason, especially after last night's episode!!!
    Jason is a hottie, but I kinda like him dumb and shallow best! :)

  5. He is extra tasty...
    Oh! Guess who won my blog giveaway?!?!

  6. Ok, he's real sexy! I'm a huge fan of his character on "True Blood", even if he is an over sexed playboy.

    And the trailer for his new movie looks hilarious! Me and my man friends will have to watch it!

  7. Thanks for linking up! Seriously, I need to start watching True Blood!! He's def hot!

  8. I'm with ya 100% on this one! Dreamy! :)


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